Granite pegmatites have long been admired by gem and mineral collectors as a source of fine specimens, gem materials, and sometimes stupendously huge crystals. Pegmatites can also host important deposits of ore minerals and industrial commodities such as feldspar and mica. At the same time, their physical and chemical complexity present daunting challenges to researchers who seek to better understand their nature and origins. With 209 stunning color photos and clear, authoritative text, Collector's Guide to Granite Pegmatites provides the reader with a straightforward discussion of granite pegmatites rather than complex jargon concerning the latest scientific models or theories. The chapters cover pegmatite forms, and distributions, interior structures, crystal, mineral, and gem pockets, and provides references for further study. Contents include: Chapter One: Granite, Granite Pegmatites, and the Search for Gems - How Are Granite and Granite Pegmatites Related?, Pegmatite, Aplite, Graphic Granite, Giant Crystals, What Sizes and Shapes do Granite Pegmatites Have?, Pegmatites in Three Dimensions, Distribution of Granite Pegmatites and Their Exploitation; Chapter Two: The Interior of Pegmatites - Zones - The Border Zone, The Wall Zone, Minerals That May Be Seen in Crystals in the Wall Zone, Intermediate Zones, The Core Zones; Chapter Three: Replacement Units, Crystal Pockets, and Pocket Minerals - Diagramming the Pocket Zone, Do Minerals Point the Way to the Pockets?, Minerals of the Edge of the Pocket Zone, Feldspars, Micas, Tourmaline, Light and Dark Lithium Minerals, Niobium and Tantalum Minerals, Mineral Paragenesis, What Does an Unopened Pocket Look Like?, The Pocket Lining, Pocket Clay and Pocket Sand; Chapter Four: Pocket Crystal Treasures.

Collector's Guide to Granite Pegmatites

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