Chains by Becky is illustrated, edited and published by Helen Goga and Alan Gooding, the ample talent behind Wire Artist Jeweler magazine. This how-to book is outstanding in its genre, presenting 20 chain making projects suitable for novice to advanced chain makers with completely illustrated step-by-step instructions. Several sections provide basic chain making information regarding the modest tools required and their various applications, as well as detailing several techniques for skillfully and efficiently making your own jump rings, the cornerstone of the chain maker's art. Lavishly illustrated step-by-step projects include: Byzantine Chain, Celtic Visions Variations, Contessa Chain, DNA Chain, Double Lace Chain, Double-Infinity Bracelet, Enigma Chain, Flat Queen's Link Chain, Flip-Flop Chain, Foxtail Bracelet, Graduated Byzantine Chain, Half-Persian 3-in-1 Chain, Jazzi-Chain Bracelet, Lacey-Chain Necklace, Little Princess Bracelet, Paradigm Bracelet, Queen's Link, Rosette Link Necklace, Scary Weave Bracelet, Serendipity Chain, and Simplicity Chain. In addition to the how-to specific to making each of the presented projects, numerous helpful hints regarding various chain-making techniques in general fill out Chains by Becky as a must-have reference in any chain maker's personal library.

Chains, By Becky

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