Cabochon Cutting provides an excellent primer and introduction to cutting and polishing cabochons for anyone interested in learning more about this very popular facet of the lapidary hobby. It answers all questions from how to slab rough with a slab saw, how to saw cabs from slabs with trim saws, how to grind and shape cabochons, how to polish gem materials and how to set finished cabochons in jewelry. Chapters include: Dopping Gemstones, Preparing Stones for Shaping, Grinding Gemstones, Smoothing Gemstones, Polishing Gemstones, Using a Trim Saw, Using the Slab Saw and Setting Your Cabochon Gems. Cabochon Cutting is concise and well illustrated with numerous photographs and drawings. The cabochon making techniques presented are tried and proven and have withstood the test of time. This highly recommended book presents a great deal of valuable how-to information for a very modest price and belongs in the library of every lapidary hobbyist.

Cabochon Cutting, By Jack R. Cox

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