Beads - The Art of Stringing is the most inexpensive guide available that describes the invaluable techniques of knotting in bead stringing. Knotting prevents wear at the hole, secures the beads in place if the strand should break, and helps the necklace drape better by separating the beads and holding them in place. Step-by-step instructions explain knotting between beads using your fingers, a beading awl or "tee pin", or the double needle method. Materials that you will need to get started are described in detail. Techniques in stringing and knotting are explained with easy to understand text and illustrations for the beginner. Contents include: Introduction, What You'll Need to Get Started, Choosing the Proper Beading Material, Silk, Nylon, Needles, Tiger Tail, Bead Tips, French Wire (Bullion), Clasps, Crimp Beads, Beading Boards, Head Loupes (Magnifiers), Beading Awl and Tee Pin, How Many Beads You'll Need, Using Tiger Tail, Cleaning Pearls, Using Silk or Nylon and Bead Tips, Using French Wire (Bullion), Knotting Between Beads, Tying the Knots, Double Needle Method, Having Fun with Fancy Beads, Twister Strands, Convertible Multiple Strands, Sectioned Multiple Strands, Continuous Strands, Lariats, Tassels, Trade Secrets, Some Do's and Don'ts, How Many Beads per Inch, and Where to Buy Bead Supplies.

Beads The Art of Stringing, by Genie Ragan

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