Beading With Cabochons shows you step-by-step how to combine an amazing variety of cabochons and beads on sophisticated jewelry. Both beads and cabochons offer virtually unlimited creative opportunities for jewelry artists. Jamie Cloud Eakin shows you the basic techniques and the unique stitches she developed over more than a decade. Her projects range from a pair of double-cabochon earrings to and elaborately fringed dichroic glass necklace. With so many cabochons and beads to chose from, each piece you make will be one of a kind. The step-by-step projects include: Fringed Dichroic Glass Necklace, Oval Solitaire Rhodonite Bracelet, Noondrite Jasper Necklace, Sea Moss Ladder Bracelet, Double Cabochon Dangle Earrings, Leopardskin Jasper Necklace, Black Onyx Pin, Victorian Triple Cabochon Bracelet, Southwest Spirit Necklace, Fringed Tiger-Eye Cabochon Earrings and Crazy Lace Agate Pin. Chapters include: 1 Materials and Tools, 2 Basic Cabochon Beading, 3 Edge Stitches, 4 Attachment Methods, 5 Other Bezel Stitches, 6 The Projects, and 7 Creating Your Own Designs. Also included is a photo gallery of beaded cabochon jewelry by talented artists, an appendix on attaching findings, an index to stitches and a note about suppliers.

Beading with Cabochons, by Jamie Cloud Eakin

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