Many people regard making jewelry as being too complex and time consuming. Basic Jewelry Making Techniques shows how, once the basic techniques are mastered, even the most apparently complicated pieces can be easily made at home. Author Jinks McGrath covers every aspect you need to know to get started: the essential tools to buy, larger equipment that can be bought as you skills develop, and some suggestions for workshop designs, including what to do if you have a minimal amount of space available. In addition to presenting a comprehensive primer on smithing and metal work, the author encourages you to be inventive by using such diverse materials as wood, acrylics, papier m�cha�, and glass. Among the basic jewelry making skills explained and illustrated are soldering, using wire, texturing, setting stones, enameling, casting, engraving, forging, working with gold and more. All the techniques needed to produce highly original pieces are explained with the aid of precise notes and instructive illustrations. Practice your newly acquired skills on project pieces that have been specially created and which incorporate all the general principles of technique and design. Each project is flexible enough to be modified to suit your own interpretation of the design. The book is organized into four major sections: (1) Planning Your Workshop, (2) Designing Your Own Projects, (3) Basic Techniques, and (4) Advanced Techniques. All the technical information you need is at your fingertips in a variety of tables which give useful conversion formulas and temperatures. Basic Jewelry Making Techniques has everything you need to know whether you just want to dabble or make it your full time career.

Basic Jewelry Making Techniques, By Jinks McGrath

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