An Illustrated Guide to Fossil Collecting introduces the reader in simple, non-technical language to the romance of fossil collecting from the earliest records to the present. A precise list of various kinds of fossil preservation is given. Then the classification of fossils is described, starting with animal invertebrates and then the division of plants. A condensed history of life on Earth puts the various fossils in their respective time frames. The beginning collector will learn how to prepare for fossil hunting trips, where to get information, and what kinds of equipment to take along. Actual collecting techniques are described which include specimens easily picked up as fossil shells weathered from their matrix to advanced processes such as making plaster jackets for crumbling fossil bone. Attention is given to the importance of cataloging a collection with helpful tips regarding the preparation and display of fossil specimens. A useful list of museums with fossil exhibits is included, also fossil exhibits at sate and national parks, geological survey addresses, a list of paleontological societies, and a glossary. Cheaters include: The Romance of Fossil Collecting, Fossils - What Are They?, Classification of Fossil Forms, A Short History of Life on Earth, How to Collect Fossils, Cataloging, Preparing, and Displaying Your Fossils, Fossil Collecting Localities in North America, Museums with Major Fossil Exhibits, Geological Surveys and Their Publications, Paleontological Libraries and Societies. Appendices provide a Glossary, References and Further Reading, a General Index and an Index by Scientific Names of Genera ands Species.

An Illustrated Guide to Fossil Collecting.

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