In Amateur Gemstone Faceting Volume 2, amateur faceter Tom Herbst helps you expand your faceting horizons. You will learn - hopefully painlessly - about the optics and mathematics behind the magic of gemstones. Subsequent chapters on the properties and treatments of common gem materials will help you identify and make the most of your valuable rough. To really expand your horizons, try faceting on your computer, visualizing gemstones before committing the stone to the lap. Nothing can match the satisfaction of creating and cutting your own unique gem cuts. Chapters on general design principles and a specific case study should help you on your way. Finally, faceters are inveterate tinkerers, and the concluding chapter lays out ideas for multiple do-it-yourself projects, including instructions for building a precision digital angle encoder for your faceting machine.

Amateur Gemstone Faceting Volume 2, By Tom Herbst

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