All Wrapped Up continues your creative journey as an advanced beginner or intermediate wire artist with wire art instructor Carolyn Eddy's mechanics and design method of designing jewelry with wire. It presents a compilation of artistic information, ideas and experiences, to help newer artists develop their talents faster. All of the included design patterns and instructions are open-ended - created as starting points with multiple design possibilites intended to trigger an aspiring artist's creativity. All Wrapped Up assumes the reader is already familiar with fundamental wire work techniques and construction processes such as measuring, cutting, determining the grain of the wire, making tight even binds - skills that are explained and elaborated upon in Carolyn Eddy's beginner book Let's Get Wrapped. The instructions provide overviews of the processes needed to create the presented projects and also jump start an artist's creativity in traditional, sculptured and prong work - the three conventional methods of creating jewelry with wire. Works by featured artists includes the work of Cindy Monnich, Dale Nichols, Debbie Penrod, "Franko", and Linda Pollard. Traditional design projects include Teardrop Pendant, Neck Wire: Style 1, 2 & 3, Free Form Pendant, Ear Cuff, Dichroic Bead Bracelet and Bracelet Clasp. Scuptural design projects include Sculptural Bead Pendant, Side Grooved Pendant and Bracelet Start, Side Grooved Pendant, Side Grooved Bracelet, Sculptural Wire Pendant, and Half Round Sculptural Wire Pendant. Pronged designs include Pronged Crystal and Faceted Octogon Pendant. Other contents include 15 Questions Every Beginner Wants to Ask, Design Tips, Equipment for Advanced Projects and a Portfolio of Student Work. Highly recommended as a next level book for intermediate to advanced wire artists, those beginners who have worked through Let's Get Wrapped.

All Wrapped Up, The best of the best, By Carolyn Eddy

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