Agates Inside Out was written to help rockhounds "think like an agate." Well illustrated with numerous high quality photographs, it presents information to help beginning and experienced agate hunters understand agates "inside out". Chapter 1, "What Is An Agate?", defines what agates are, reviews agates and human history, details agate characteristics, and describes different types of quartz minerals. Chapter 2, "How Did Agates Form?", discusses how agates are formed. This chapter is intended for those of you who live and die agates and want to understand everything about them. It reviews the relevant geology, agate forming influences, agate formation theories, types of host rock, and the timing of agate genesis. The more you understand about agate formation, the more successful you will be in differentiating in the field between an agate and an agate want-to-be. Chapter 3, "How Do You Find Agates?", presents information about the specific characteristics you should be looking for when rockhounding for agates. Presented are agate hunting tips, information about how to clean agates, and suggestions for assessing the value of agates. Chapter 4, "What Are The Different Types of Agate?", includes descriptions and photographs illustrating 31 different types of agate based on their developmental structures including: botroyoidal (grape) agates, brecciated (mosaic) agates, candy striped agates, carnelian agates, cloud agates, crazy lace agates, dendritic agates, enhydrous (water-filled) agates, eye agates, fire agates, flame agates, floater band agates, fortification agates, geode agates, iris (rainbow) agates, jasper agates, moss agates, paintstone agates, peeler agates, plume agates, polyhedroid agates, pseudomorph agates, ruin agates, sagenite agates, sardonyx, seam agates, shadow agates, stalk aggregate agates, thunder egg agates, tube agates, and water-level agates. Chapter 5, "Where Can You Find Agates?", presents information about agates from different geological locations, listing and describing types of agate structures to be found in U.S. states and other countries including: California, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming, Argentina, Australia, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, Caribbean, China and Mexico. Appendices provide references, an index, and agate museum information. Highly recommenced to anyone who is interested in collecting agates and all agate appreciators who want to deepen and expand their understand and knowledge of agates - inside out.

Agates Inside and Out, By Karen A Brzys

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