The first book in the Gem Cutters Handbook series, Cabochon Cutting, covers the basics of producing that type of gem - slab and trim sawing, preforming, dopping, girdling, smoothing, polishing and jewelry setting. After the hobbyist has learned these basics, he's ready for more advanced techniques. So, presented in this companion handbook, Advanced Cabochon Cutting, are instructions for cutting special shapes such as hearts, crosses, teardrops, loafs, stars and freeforms. The techniques involved in working hard materials such as chrysoberyl and corundum with diamond abrasives are presented. Dedicated chapters cover how to properly orient phenomenal stones such as cat's-eye and star chrysoberyl, quartz, garnet, sapphire and moonstone. Other chapters cover working with opal and present information on finding and orienting the fire in opals, special dopping and cutting techniques for opal and making opal doublets and triplets. Techniques for cutting and polishing jade are also presented in a chapter dedicated to working jade. Chapters include: Special Stone Shapes, Assembled Stones, Cat's-Eye and Star Stones Part 1, Cat's-Eye and Star Stones Part 2, Cat's-Eye and Star Stones Part 3, Cutting Opal Part 1, Cutting Opal Part 2, and Cutting Jade. Advanced Cabochon Cutting is concise and well illustrated with numerous photographs and drawings. The cabochon making techniques presented are tried and proven and have withstood the test of time. This highly recommended book presents a great deal of valuable how-to information for a very modest price and belongs in the library of every lapidary hobbyist.

Advanced Cabochon Cutting, by Jack R Cox

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