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Jewelery Craft Made EasyJewelery Craft Made EasyMaking one's own jewelry can be a fascinating, rewarding hobby. There are jewelry makers and designers who start from scratch, forming and soldering various materials into exquisite pieces into which they set colorful gemstones. Some make molds and cast their jewelry. But what about the person who does not want to purchase a lot of equipment and get into the more technical aspects of the hobby? If you are in the latter group do not despair! For you there is a craft which is fun, easy, clean and low cost - jewelry assembly. Jewelry Craft Made Easy shows you how to make beautiful, personalized gifts using a few inexpensive hand tools, adhesives, some of the great variety of jewelry parts and findings available to craftspeople, and some gemstomes. This book is organized into sixteen parts including: 1 Introduction, 2 Gemstones, 3 Gemstones, 4 Gem Materials, 5 Mountings and Findings, 6 Findings, 7 Let's Make Some Jewelry, 8 Baroque Jewelry, 9 Baroque Jewelry, 10 Baroque Jewelry, 11 Rhine
Jewelery Fundimentals and MetalsmithingJewelery Fundimentals and MetalsmithingJewelry - Fundamentals of Metalsmithing offers the beginning and intermediate metalsmith clear and insightful instruction from a master teacher. It is lavishly illustrated, both with demonstration photos taken from the author's studio and with photographs of completed jewelry from a wealth of talented artists. Author Tim McCreight presents a clear and generous overview of metalworking techniques. An artist, teacher, and author of six previous books about working metals, McCreight offers the metalsmith a perfect blend of insight, experience and enthusiasm. In logical progression, Jewelry - Fundamentals of Metalsmithing examines the basic techniques of this ancient and accessible craft: fabricating, surface treatments, joining, finishing, stone setting, chain making, mechanisms and casting. It is illustrated throughout with clear demonstration photos, Tim McCreight's beautifully rendered drawings, and examples of exceptional contemporary jewelry. This relaxed yet thorough introduction
Jewelery Making for BeginnersJewelery Making for BeginnersIn order to teach jewelry making effectively, teacher and author Ed Soukup developed a system that is both simple and economical - the scroll wire method. With a minimum of low cost tools and some wire it is possible to create designs that, although simple are beautiful. It's all presented in Jewelry Making For Beginners. In addition to the wire and a few tools, all you need is a little time and patience. With these ingredients you can soon be turning out mountings with that professional look. In a jewelry store you would pay a pretty penny for these same designs. Once you've mastered the technique, the possibilities are practically unlimited. Chapters include (1) Start With A Circle, (2) Forming Scrolls, (3) Scroll Wire Designs, (4) U-Shaped Scrolls, (5) Soldering Jewelry, (6) Making a Bezel Setting, (7) More Silver Designs, (8) Twisted Wire Designs, (9) Cleopatra's Love Beads, and (10) Indian Style Jewelry. So, have fun. When you've learned the scroll wire method described in Jewel
Jewelry Making TechniquesJewelry Making TechniquesLearn to create fabulous jewelry! Eyecatching designs, whether traditional or contemporary, provide jewelry with real beauty and lasting value. Elizabeth Oliver shows you how to create such works of art, beginning with simple projects that focus on the basics of jewelry making. Large color photos and fully illustrated step-by-step instructions make every step a snap. You'll learn how to choose the tools, equipment and materials that are right for you, how to weigh, measure and cut various metals and stones, and how to assemble, decorate and put a professional finish on every completed piece. You'll then advance through Jewelry Making Techniques Book to more challenging techniques and complex designs, mastering over 50 jewelry making techniques in all from piercing and drilling to stone-setting and enameling. This book includes all the guidelines and advice you'll need to enjoy jewelry making for years to come. Topics include: Introduction, Basic Hand Tools, Forming and Soldering Equi
Jewelry TechniquesJewelry TechniquesAn essential reference for jewelry makers. Jewelry Techniques is the comprehensive, one-volume guide to exploring all the creative possibilities for jewelry. In addition to information on metalsmithing for both base and precious metals, this book includes techniques used with natural materials like wood, bone, shell and leather; traditional jewelry mediums such as porcelain and glass; and more cutting-edge mediums like acrylics, resin, rubber, concrete, and paper. Step-by-step instructions, plus more than 400 full-color photographs and swatches, let jewelry makers at every level achieve stunning effects and maximize the impact of their creations.
Silver Wire JewelerySilver Wire JewelerySilver Wire Jewelry shows you how to make elegant, sophisticated jewelry designs with silver wire. Use simple techniques to create silver wire jewelry with sinuous forms, graceful lines, and inviting textures. Begin with the basics of coil construction and plying wires. Then learn how to stretch out coils to create graceful waves, join rings together to form elegant chains, craft figure eights for a unique effect, and incorporate beads and pearls into the designs. Chapters include: Materials And Tools, Coils On Coils, Cutting Coils, Coils Stretched Into Waves, Coils Sawn Into Rings, Coils Snipped Into Figure Eights, Elongated Figure Eights, Rings and Pearls, Braided Wire, Crocheted And Knitted Wire, and Simple Jewelry.
The New Encyclopedia of Jewelery Making TechniquesThe New Encyclopedia of Jewelery Making TechniquesThis fully revised and updated edition of a classic reference covers techniques from annealing to stone-setting, and includes new techniques reflecting advances in jewelry-making. • Learn to craft exquisite brooches, tie pins, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more • Use materials from classic to contemporary including gold, silver, acrylics, precious stones and metal clay • Clear photographs help you to achieve professional results • Inspirational finished pieces from expert jewelers accompany each technique Contents include: Chapter 1: Introduction: About the new edition; Basic tools and materials, All about metal, Recovering and reusing metal, Design; Chapter 2: Cutting Metal: Piercing, Filing, Drilling, Inlaying, Making blanks, Lathe work, Engraving; Chapter 3: Heating Metal: Annealing, Pickling and quenching, Soldering, Fusing; Chapter 4: Moving Metal: Bending, Hammering, Doming and swagging, Forging, Chasing and repoussé; Chapter 5: Surface Decoration: Texturing, Polishing
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