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Agates and Jaspers BookAgates and Jaspers BookThere are many excellent books currently on the market describing banded agates, but there are few with an emphasis on the other structural varieties.There are virtually no current books with images and descriptions of the wide array of fine jaspers presently available. This book tries to fill that void with 240 pages and over 1000 color photos and diagrams describing the structural features of both Agates and Jaspers. It provides an introduction to their genesis, details of their structural characteristics, and a multitude of macro and micro photographs. It's a starting point for some of the current scientific theories of their formation, and contains references to more in-depth studies. No other variety of material offers so many combinations of patterns and spectral colors. Main index sections include: Fortification Agates, Plume Agates, Moss & Tube Agates, Sagenitic Agates, Other Agates, Jaspers, Brecciated Jasper, Orbicular Jasper, Scenic Jasper, Rhyolite, and Fossil Mater
Agates Inside and Out, By Karen A BrzysAgates Inside and Out, By Karen A BrzysAgates Inside Out was written to help rockhounds "think like an agate." Well illustrated with numerous high quality photographs, it presents information to help beginning and experienced agate hunters understand agates "inside out". Chapter 1, "What Is An Agate?", defines what agates are, reviews agates and human history, details agate characteristics, and describes different types of quartz minerals. Chapter 2, "How Did Agates Form?", discusses how agates are formed. This chapter is intended for those of you who live and die agates and want to understand everything about them. It reviews the relevant geology, agate forming influences, agate formation theories, types of host rock, and the timing of agate genesis. The more you understand about agate formation, the more successful you will be in differentiating in the field between an agate and an agate want-to-be. Chapter 3, "How Do You Find Agates?", presents information about the specific characteristics you should be looking for w
Agates Treasures of the EarthAgates Treasures of the EarthAn illustrated Guide to the different agates from around the world • An introduction to the geology and formation of agates
Arizona Rocks and Minerals.Arizona Rocks and Minerals.Your must-have guide to Arizona's rocks and minerals. Arizona Rocks & Minerals features full-color photos and presents the details you need to know for collecting and identifying rocks and minerals in Arizona. Included are photos and facts for 106 rocks and minerals including common rocks and rare finds. You will quickly find what you need to know and where to look with its easy to use format. Inside this book you will find: • Incredible, sharp, full-color photos: The authors know rocks, and they took their own photographs to depict all the details needed for identification - no need to guess from line drawings • Comprehensive entries: Photos and facts for 106 rocks and minerals • Common rocks and rare finds: Fascinating information about everything from agates and copper to turquoise and gold • Easy to use format: Quickly find what you need to know and where to look Contents include: Introduction; Hardness and Streak; The Mhos Hardness Scale; Quick Identification Guide; Arizona
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