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Wire Wrapping and Wire Work Books and Videos

Book183 - Silver Threads - $22.95
Silver Threads Silver Threads
Making Wire Filigree Jewelry
by Jeanne Rhodes- Moen
Soft cover, 8.25" x 10.5", 112 pages, copyright 2006

Making silver filigree jewelry is easy and fun. The delicate curls and twists of filigree pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings may give the impression that filigree work is for advanced jewelry artists. But this instructional primer shows how simple making filigree can be.

Inside you'll find:
• Inspirational photos of filigree from Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Mexico
• Guide to the basic silverworking tools and materials
• Twelve stunning step-by-step projects
• Special section on designing your own filigree jewelry

Silver Threads: Making Wire Filigree Jewelry provides a clear, thorough guide to creating filigree jewelry. Read a brief history of filigree, highlighting works from around the world. Learn different silverworking techniques in the extensive Basics section, which includes a detailed list of the tools and materials you'll need to get started.

Combine simple filigree shapes to make twelve stunning projects ranging from easy pendants and earrings to necklaces with gemstones and multiple components. Step-by-step instructions, detailed illustrations, and full-color photography assist in the creative process.

Packed with useful information and irresistible projects, Silver Threads will inspire jewelry makers of all levels.

Video17 - Cinderhill Style DVD Video - $29.95
Cinderhill Style DVD Video Cinderhill Style DVD Video
Simple & Elegant Wire Settings
by Cindy Monnich
Running time 30 minutes

Watch the Cinderhill Style DVD Video and learn to wire wrap a cabochon pendant from veteran jewelry designer and wire artist Cindy Monnich. Cindy's style evolved through years of practice creating thousands of wire wrapped pendants and earrings and is now widely recognized as a signature style.

Cinderhill style incorporates wonderfully shaped stones and simple, yet elegant settings. Cindy now teaches her unique process through this instructional video, which you can practice to perfect your own method and style of wire wrapping.

With this video you will learn how to:
• Use basic wire art tools including shaped pliers, flush cutters, files, mandrels, pin vise and more
• Wire wrap a pendant from start to finish
• Create a unique and sleek frame to accent the stone's natural beauty
• Fashion a doubly wrapped bail for longer wear

Cinderhill Style is highly recommended for anyone learning to wire wrap or seeking to improve their wire jewelry making skills and designs.

Book113 - Earrings by Helen - $24.95
Earrings by Helen Earrings by Helen
22+ Projects from Novice to Advanced
by Helen Goga
Soft cover, 8.5" x 11", 79 pages, copyright 2007
Sample project how-to
Sample project how-to
Sample project how-to

Aspiring and novice wire jewelry makers will appreciate Earrings by Helen for its hands-on presentation of fundamental how-to and basic wire jewelry making techniques. If you can bend a wire you can make beautiful earrings using this book as your guide. And if you can't bend a wire, Earrings by Helen will teach you how!

Accomplished wire jewelry makers will appreciate the presentation of advanced projects and plethora of handy tips and professional tricks-of-the-trade disseminated throughout this book by a veteran professional in the field of wire jewelry making and teaching the craft to others. Readers at all skill levels will appreciate the concise step-by-step instructions and superb full-color illustrations that are a hallmark of Helen Goga's publications.

Earrings by Helen presents 19 complete earring projects, leading the reader through a progression of skills beginning with the simple and fundamental, through advanced and elaborate designs featuring over 40 illustrated steps in the course of their execution. These projects include Ball-post Earrings with Loop, Swarovski Chandelier Earrings, Simple Chandelier Earrings, Refined Earwires, Little Princess Earrings, Not-so-little Princess Earrings, Princess Royale Earrings, Phantasy Earrings, French Hoop Earwires, Pirouette Earrings, Elegant Groove-y Earrings, Curved Kidney Earwires, Classic Faceted Earrings, Renaissance Earrings, Seabreeze Earrings, Peruvian Earrings, Dream Weave Earrings, His and Hers Ear Cuffs, and Regal Bead Cap.

Also included are 3 component projects demonstrating how to make several versatile components that can be readily incorporated in the reader's own earring designs. A Getting Started section precedes the earring projects and covers a variety of topics including basic tools, wire and gauge sizes, wire twisting, precious metal scraps, tumbling and polishing, the bench block and hammer, and magnification. An appendix provides an illustrated guide to other earring designs published in back issues of The Wire Artist Jeweller magazine. This book belongs in the personal library of anyone aspiring to make wire jewelry or desiring to increase their knowledge and repertoire of wire jewelry making techniques.

Book117 - Great Wire Jewelry - $9.95
Great Wire Jewelry Great Wire Jewelry
Projects & Techniques
by Irene From Petersen
Soft cover, 8.25" x 8.25", 60 pages, copyright 1998
Sample Projects
Sample Technique Illustration

Imagine creating beautiful jewelry using only wire, jump rings and a few basic tools. It's true! Both beginners and experienced jewelry makers will appreciate the ingenious yet simple techniques used to braid, twist and knit silver, copper and brass wire into stunning bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more. These techniques, first used by the Vikings, allow even novices to make great looking jewelry, without using solder or expensive equipment.

Great Wire Jewelry features more than 70 projects, each fully illustrated with color photographs and step-by-step diagrams. Each project is rated by difficulty; some of the designs are easy enough for children to do. In addition, once you have learned the basic techniques, you can start creating your own designs.

So get ready to be impressed by what you can make, whether you start with a knit ring with silver end beads... twisted earrings... a copper and silver braided bangle... or a brass double flower chain necklace. There are patterns and styles certain to appeal to everyone!

Great Wire Jewelry is organized into two major parts. The first part presents knitted, twisted, and braided wire jewelry. The second part presents jewelry made from jump rings. Sections include Materials, Oxidizing and Polishing; Viking Knitting; Getting Started with Viking Knit, Braids, Knit on 3 Nails; Crown Sinnet Braiding; Cross-Linked Chain; 3-in-3 Chain; Single Flower Chain; Double Flower Chain; Flat Chain Mail; Round Chain Mail; Open Round Chain Mail; Queen's Chain; Criss-Cross Chain; Rope Chain; Double Rope Chain; Cross Chain; Jens Pind's Linkage; Snake Chain; Foxtail; Byzantine Chain; Key to Inside Diameters and Tools; and Index of Techniques and Terms and A Note About Suppliers.

Book200 - Handcrafted Wire Findings - $22.95
Handcrafted Wire Findings Handcrafted Wire Findings
Techniques and Designs for Custom Jewelry Components
by Dinease Peck and Jane Dickerson
Soft cover, 8.5" x 9", 127 pages, copyright 2011

Why spend more for generic, impersonal wire jewelry elements when you can create your own custom-cool components for less?

From clasps to links to ear wires to bails, Handcrafted Wire Findings is your one-stop resource for all handmade wire jewelry work. With over 30 projects made from silver, copper, brass and artistic wire, this guidebook is packed with instructions for creating all these artistic pieces, and with materials that fit your budget. You'll also find expert tips on basic wirework, texturing, silver fusing, adding patina, and traditional finishing.

Handcrafted Wire Findings is the only resource you'll need to create personalized and stylish findings that add that perfect touch to your handmade jewelry.

Contents encompass: Wire Basics, Tools, Techniques, Findings, Gallery, Resources and Index. The Findings Projects include: Ear Wires: Circle Loop Ear Wires, Kidney Ear Wires, Double-Loop French Ear Wires,, Tumbleweed French Ear Wires, Fiddlehead Ear Wires, Vine Ear Wires, Circle Post Ear Wires and Spiral Post Ear Wires; Links and Connectors: Fused Oval Links, Decorative Fused Link, Hammered Ring Connector, Sailor's Knot Link, Wired Ring Link, Twisted Beaded Links, Textured Corkscrew Link, Lasso Link, Figure-Eight Link and Yin-Yang Link; S-Hook Claps: Hammered S-Hook Clasp, Ball-End Hammered S-Hook Clasp, Ball-End Textured S-Hook Clasp and S-Hook Clasp with Bead; Hook Clasps: Ball-End Hook-and-Eye Clasp, Oversized Wrapped Simple Hook Clasp, Vine Hook Clasp; Double Hook-and-Eye Clasp; Toggle Clasps: Hammered Toggle Clasp; Asian Toggle Clasp; Twisted Toggle Clasp, Ball-End Toggle Clasp, Lashed Toggle Clasp and Decorative Balls Toggle Clasp; Extras: Ribbon Ball and Knot Spacer.

Book115 - How To Make Wire Jewelry - $6.00
How To Make Wire Jewelry How To Make Wire Jewelry
Simple but Elegant
by Fern Jenkins and Viola Thrasher
Soft cover, 8.5" x 11", 30 pages, copyright 1979
Sample Page

Have you been wanting to get into the fascinating craft of jewelry making, but felt it was too complicated? Many craftsmen enjoy creating with metal sheet, wire and solder; or working with casting equipment. However there are those who would prefer a simpler approach requiring a minimum of equipment, tools, and supplies. If you are one of the latter, working with square, gold-filled wire may be the answer. Many intricate designs are possible, but with How To Make Wire Jewelry the technique is easily learned. Better yet, only a small assortment of simple, inexpensive tools is required. You can actually do this work in the living room while watching television! Making jewelry with square wire is a relaxing, absorbing pastime that anyone can enjoy. Follow it as a hobby, make gifts or even go into a part-time business. You'll find that the possibilities are practically unlimited.

Contents include: Getting Started; Let's Make a Pin; Pendants, Chains and Necklaces; Rings; Bracelets, Earrings and "Recipes".

Book109 - Jewelry Making For Beginners - $5.00
Jewelry Making For Beginners Jewelry Making For Beginners
The Scroll Wire Method
by Edward J. Soukup
Soft cover, 5.5" x 8.5", 48 pages, copyright 1986
Sample page

In order to teach jewelry making effectively, teacher and author Ed Soukup developed a system that is both simple and economical - the scroll wire method. With a minimum of low cost tools and some wire it is possible to create designs that, although simple are beautiful. It's all presented in Jewelry Making For Beginners. In addition to the wire and a few tools, all you need is a little time and patience. With these ingredients you can soon be turning out mountings with that professional look. In a jewelry store you would pay a pretty penny for these same designs. Once you've mastered the technique, the possibilities are practically unlimited.

Chapters include (1) Start With A Circle, (2) Forming Scrolls, (3) Scroll Wire Designs, (4) U-Shaped Scrolls, (5) Soldering Jewelry, (6) Making a Bezel Setting, (7) More Silver Designs, (8) Twisted Wire Designs, (9) Cleopatra's Love Beads, and (10) Indian Style Jewelry.

So, have fun. When you've learned the scroll wire method described in Jewelry Making For Beginners, you'll likely find yourself very popular, especially at Christmas, birthdays and other occasions where a gift of personally designed jewelry will be treasured.

Book114 - Let's Get Wrapped - $19.95
Let's Get Wrapped Let's Get Wrapped
A Self Teaching Instruction Manual for Beginning Wire Artists
by Carolyn Eddy
Spiral bound, 8.5" x 11", 68 pages, copyright 2006

Let's Get Wrapped begins your journey into creative wire design with a revolutionary, step-by-step, no stress method of designing jewelry with wire.

For the beginner, this book has the information needed to understand the different tools used, and how to buy them. It explains wire gauges, tempers and types. Included are the basic techniques of finding the grain of the wire, measuring, cutting, cleaning and binding.

The author's method of teaching is designed to take you step by step through the very structured mechanics of wire wrapping and guides you in unlocking your own individual creativity. This book does not teach a few specific projects, but teaches basic principles that once implemented will supply you with the knowledge to create hundreds of different projects.

Book195 - All Wrapped Up - $29.95
All Wrapped Up All Wrapped Up
The Best, of The Best - A Tribute to 5 of America's Finest Wire Artists
by Carolyn Eddy
Spiral bound, 8.5" x 11", 89 pages, copyright 2009

All Wrapped Up continues your creative journey as an advanced beginner or intermediate wire artist with wire art instructor Carolyn Eddy's mechanics and design method of designing jewelry with wire. It presents a compilation of artistic information, ideas and experiences, to help newer artists develop their talents faster. All of the included design patterns and instructions are open-ended - created as starting points with multiple design possibilites intended to trigger an aspiring artist's creativity.

All Wrapped Up assumes the reader is already familiar with fundamental wire work techniques and construction processes such as measuring, cutting, determining the grain of the wire, making tight even binds - skills that are explained and elaborated upon in Carolyn Eddy's beginner book Let's Get Wrapped. The instructions provide overviews of the processes needed to create the presented projects and also jump start an artist's creativity in traditional, sculptured and prong work - the three conventional methods of creating jewelry with wire.

Works by featured artists includes the work of Cindy Monnich, Dale Nichols, Debbie Penrod, "Franko", and Linda Pollard. Traditional design projects include Teardrop Pendant, Neck Wire: Style 1, 2 & 3, Free Form Pendant, Ear Cuff, Dichroic Bead Bracelet and Bracelet Clasp. Scuptural design projects include Sculptural Bead Pendant, Side Grooved Pendant and Bracelet Start, Side Grooved Pendant, Side Grooved Bracelet, Sculptural Wire Pendant, and Half Round Sculptural Wire Pendant. Pronged designs include Pronged Crystal and Faceted Octogon Pendant.

Other contents include 15 Questions Every Beginner Wants to Ask, Design Tips, Equipment for Advanced Projects and a Portfolio of Student Work. Highly recommended as a next level book for intermediate to advanced wire artists, those beginners who have worked through Let's Get Wrapped.

Book110 - Silver Wire Jewelry - $14.95
Silver Wire Jewelry Silver Wire Jewelry
Projects to Coil, Braid & Knit
by Irene From Petersen
Hard cover, 8.5" x 8.5", 80 pages, copyright 2001
Sample how-to
Sample how-to
Sample project
Sample project

Silver Wire Jewelry shows you how to make elegant, sophisticated jewelry designs with silver wire. Use simple techniques to create silver wire jewelry with sinuous forms, graceful lines, and inviting textures. Begin with the basics of coil construction and plying wires. Then learn how to stretch out coils to create graceful waves, join rings together to form elegant chains, craft figure eights for a unique effect, and incorporate beads and pearls into the designs.

Chapters include: Materials And Tools, Coils On Coils, Cutting Coils, Coils Stretched Into Waves, Coils Sawn Into Rings, Coils Snipped Into Figure Eights, Elongated Figure Eights, Rings and Pearls, Braided Wire, Crocheted And Knitted Wire, and Simple Jewelry.

Book108 - Wire Wrapping - $22.95
Wire Wrapping Wire Wrapping
by Linda Chandler and Christine Ritchey
Soft cover, 8.5" x 9", 127 pages, copyright 2008
Sample project
Sample project
Sample project

Wrap it up! Learn to create stunning wire jewelry designs, no experience required! Wire experts Linda Chandler and Chritine Ritchey, take the mystery out of the craft and share their secrets for making timeless, elegant jewelry from simple to elaborate designs.

Begin with the basics, safety, tools, and materials, plus all the appropriate types of metals for wirework, then learn the essential techniques for designing these deceptively simple projects, from bracelets, earrings, pins, wire-wrapped pendants, and more. Detailed step-by-step photography, helpful hints and tricks, and skill-building projects walk you through everything you need to know to create beautiful wire-wrapped jewelry for every occasion!

Wire Wrapping contains 10 stunning projects with variations. A helpful resources section at the back of the book makes this book complete. You can not help but be inspired by this beautifully laid out book! Beginners and experienced wrappers alike, will enjoy making these great looking pieces.

Book181 - Wirework - $26.95
Wirework Wirework
An Illustrated Guide to the Art of Wire Wrapping
Includes companion instructional Wirework DVD
by Dale "Cougar" Armstrong
Soft cover, 8.5" x 9", 127 pages, copyright 2009

Learn Dale "Cougar" Armstrong's secrets for creating wire jewelry with this clear, inspirational guide and take your wire jewelry to new levels!

You will learn how to wire wrap using faceted stones, how to create pendants with any size or shape of faceted stone, how to use several methods for working with and setting faceted stones, plus mixing wire gauges and tempers to create stable yet creative pieces.

In the eighteen projects include in Wirework, Dale showcases her classic jewelry style and shows how to create beautiful custom bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings and rings.

You get comprehensive instruction about:
• Using geometry in wire-jewelry formulations
• Making the correct right angles
• Shaping with and without mandrels
• Using found items for shaping
• When and how to use snap-set components
• Choosing the right cabochons and gemstones
• And more!

Plus with the included companion DVD, you'll find all the techniques from the book explored by Dale herself, offering you a solid base for creating exciting and beautiful jewelry projects.

Book215 - The Wireworker's Companion - $19.95
The Wireworker's Companion The Wireworker's Companion
by Denise Peck & Jane Dickerson
Hard cover, 7.25" x 5.5", 115 pages, copyright 2013

Wireworkers of all skill levels... discover the most convenient guide to wireworking techniques!

Experts Denise Peck and Jane Dickerson act as your trusty guides:
• Explaining in-depth all the tools, materials, and wire-wrapping fundamentals you'll need.
• Covering more advanced topics, including texture, patina, and even basic metalsmithing.
• Providing instructions for creating custom findings.

A welcome addition to the best-selling series, The Wireworker's Companion is a complete, compact resource for wireworking techniques. It's a tool jewelry makers and beaders will reach for again and again.

Contents include: Introduction; Wire 101: Metal Types, Wire Types, Wire Shapes, Temper/Hardness, Work-Hardening and Annealing, Gauge/Size; Tool Talk: Measuring Tools, Cutters and Saws, Pliers,Mandrels & Wire-Shaping Tools, Hammering Tools & Accessories, Piercing Tools & Punches, Twisting Tools, Filing and Finishing Tools; Basic Wireworking: Loops & Links, Coils, Jump Rings, Spirals; Working with Fire: Safety First!, Using a Micro Torch, Quenching, Annealing, Balling/Drawing a Bead, Flame Patina, Fusing, Patina & Polishing Tools, Flame-Working Tools, The Beginner's Wireworking Toolbox; Essential Techniques: Measuring, Cleaning Wire, Straightening Wire, Flush Cutting, Hammering, Texturing, Stamping, Twisting Wire, Piercing, Punching, Filing, Adding Patina, Tumble Polishing; Wire Findings: Head Pins, Ear Wire, Clasps; Chain Maille: Common Chain Terms, The Beginner's Chain Maille Toolbox; Weaving; Resources; Index

Whether you're new to wire or a wireworking wizard, The Wireworker's Companion is the essential reference for your wireworking adventures.

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