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Smithing Books and Videos

Book130 - Jewelry: Fundamentals of Metalsmithing - $29.99
Jewelry: Fundamentals of Metalsmithing Jewelry: Fundamentals of Metalsmithing
by Tim McCreight
Hard cover, 8.75" x 10.25", 143 pages, copyright 1997
Sample page
Sample page

Jewelry - Fundamentals of Metalsmithing offers the beginning and intermediate metalsmith clear and insightful instruction from a master teacher. It is lavishly illustrated, both with demonstration photos taken from the author's studio and with photographs of completed jewelry from a wealth of talented artists.

Author Tim McCreight presents a clear and generous overview of metalworking techniques. An artist, teacher, and author of six previous books about working metals, McCreight offers the metalsmith a perfect blend of insight, experience and enthusiasm.

In logical progression, Jewelry - Fundamentals of Metalsmithing examines the basic techniques of this ancient and accessible craft: fabricating, surface treatments, joining, finishing, stone setting, chain making, mechanisms and casting. It is illustrated throughout with clear demonstration photos, Tim McCreight's beautifully rendered drawings, and examples of exceptional contemporary jewelry.

This relaxed yet thorough introduction to the skills of metalworking is a fully revised, expanded and updated edition of the author's popular guide for novice metalworkers. As both a fresh presentation of fundamental techniques and a portfolio of the finest contemporary design, this book is an instant classic in its own right.

Chapters include: (1) Cutting & Bending, (2) Pattern, Texture & Contour, (3) Fusing and Soldering, (4) Cold Joining, (5) Finishing and Patinas, (6) Stone Setting, (7) Mechanisms & Chains, and (8) Casting. Twenty pages of appendices additionally include: What Do You Need to Know About Metal?, Health & Safety, Pouring an Ingot, Tool Making: Hardening & Tempering Steel, Tool List, Temperature Comparisons, Alloys, Weight Comparisons for Sheet & Wire, Relative Sizes & Weights, Glossary, Suppliers and Suggested Reading.

Anyone familiar with Tim McCreight's other works on smithing, casting and jewelry making will find Jewelry - Fundamentals of Metalsmithing a most welcome addition to their personal library.

Book222 - Simple Soldering - $29.95
Simple Soldering Simple Soldering
A Beginner's Guide to Jewelry Making
Includes companion instructional Simple Soldering DVD
by Kate Ferrant Richborg
Soft cover, 8.5" x 9.0", 159 pages, copyright 2012

Learn to love your tourch and make twenty beautiful projects!

In Simple Soldering, expert instructor Kate Ferrant Richborg will show any home crafter how to create polished and professional soldered jewelry. With a few simple tooks, a guide to proper technique, and an exciting and approachable bonus DVD, you'll be creating sophisticated jewelry in no time.

Kate walks you through beginner skills in bite-sized steps. First, Kate helps you build presidency by teaching essential soldering techniques in a low-risk environment making skill building "sampler squares". Once you've got the basics, dive into twenty show-stopping projects created just for you. In both the book and DVD, Kate shows you how to correct or adapt common mistakes beginners might make and gives advice on when it's best to start over, making this the essential no-stress guide.

Throughout this book and accompanying DVD that's packed with almost three hours of instruction, Kate's encouraging attitude will guide you. So get fired up - soldering is now simple!

Contents include: 1 The Basics: How Soldering Works, Fire Scale & Flux, Types of Solder, Flow Points and Grades, Steps for Soldering; 2: Setting Up a Work Space: Getting Organized, Improvise Your Space, Lighting & Magnification, Safety; 3: The Tools: Solder Setup. Bench and Hammering Tools, Cutting Tools, Pliers, Marking and Measuring Tools, Filing and Polishing Tools, Advanced Tools; 4:The Materials; Metals, Forms, Gauges & Uses of Metals, Stones, Beads; 5: Creating Your Sampler: Sampler Square 1: Connecting Metal Using Jump Rings, Sampler Square 2: Texturing, Sampler Square 3: Piercing and Sawing Lines in Metal; Sampler Square 4: Riveting, Sampler Square 5: Work Hardening, Annealing & Cleaning Fire Scale, Sampler Square 6: Flowing Paste Solder, Sampler Square 7: Flowing Wire Solder, Sampler Square 8: Flowing Sheet Solder, Sampler Square 9 One-Step Soldering, Sampler Square 10: Sawing & Soldering a Cut Shape, Sampler Square 11: Two-Step Soldering, Sampler Square 12: Embellishing: Spiral, Dots & Granules, Sampler Square 13: Forming Balls, Sampler Square 14: Shaping and Soldering Domes, Sampler Square 15: Making a Bezel & Setting a Stone, Sampler Square 16: Making Two Small Bezels & Setting Stones; The Projects: Hook + Eye Clasp & Dapped Bead Caps, Stacked Rings, Simple Chain Earrings, Soldered Beads, Pearl Chain Earrings, Pearl Dangle Pendant, Pearl + Silver 5-Stack Rings, Pearl Dangle Earrings, Soldered Key Pendant, Tube-Riveted Pendants, Twinning Vine Ring, Copper Tube Bead, Ruby Tag Pendant, Midcentury Modern Ring, Monogram Chain Bracelet, Wrapped Toggle Clasp, Flower Ring, Dangly Toggle, Mirror Pendant, Pearl Tablet Clasp. Appendices include: Acknowledgements, Templates, Techniques, Resources and Index.

Book250 - Indian Jewelry Making - $24.95
Indian Jewelry Making Indian Jewelry Making
by Oscar T. Branson
Spiral bound, 7.0" x 9.5", 120 pages, copyright 2000
Sample Page
Sample Page

This best-selling favorite combines former editions Volumes I and II (now out of print) into a full-color presentation of traditional silversmithing techniques in the Navajo, Hopi and Zuni styles. The lavish project and how-to pictures in Indian Jewelry Making illustrate step-by-step details for smithing hundreds of variations on buttons, chains, beads, rings, bracelets, conchas, earrings, hatbands, watchbands, necklaces, boxes, hair ornaments, bola ties, collar corners, pins, pendants, bow guards, canteens, headstalls, tweezers, miniature silver pottery, thimbles, whistles, lighter cases, bells, pistol grips, buckles, kachina figures, goblets and more!

Tool use and smithing techniques including sawing, drawing, rolling, forming, filing, stamping, dapping, soldering, pickling, casting, overlay, polishing and more are all presented in easy to understand pictures illustrating these fundamental processes and techniques. Stone mounting procedures covered include step-by-step for fabricating bezel mounts, petit point and various styles of inlay work. Silver chain and bead making techniques are included. Several traditional silver casting techniques are illustrated including cuttlebone casting, sand casting, and tufa stone casting, with many pieces cast using these methods shown. Even plans for a do-it-yourself jewelers workbench are included along with many helpful tips and ideas for setting up your own shop or workspace for doing jewelry making.

Even old hands at smithing with appreciate Indian Jewelry Making for the wealth of general design ideas provided as well as some of the more unusual and unique projects and artifacts presented. This book belongs in the personal library of any jewelry maker and is highly recommended for anyone interested in how traditional Southwest Indian jewelry is made or in learning more about silversmithing techniques in general.

Book118 - The Complete Metalsmith - $15.95
The Complete Metalsmith The Complete Metalsmith
An Illustrated Handbook
by Tim McCreight
Spiral bound, 7.5" x 9", 192 pages, copyright 1991
Sample page
Sample page

The Complete Metalsmith is a classic how-to handbook providing an encyclopedic coverage of the tools and techniques used by jewelers and other craftspeople to smith a variety of metals including gold, platinum, silver, copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, nickel, iron, steel, pot metal, pewter, titanium, and niobium. Tim McCreight's straightforward text and clear drawings and illustrations bring even complex techniques within anyone's reach.

The numerous topics presented in The Complete Metalsmith are organized into 8 major chapters: (1) Materials, (2) Surfaces, (3) Shaping, (4) Joining, (5) Casting, (6) Stones, and (7) Mechanisms. Among the hundreds of topics and how-to tips within these chapters you will learn about precious and base metals and their alloys and properties, how to create decorative surfaces with hammering, engraving, niello, mokumé, granulation, reticulation, etching, inlay and more, shaping techniques including piercing, drawing, rolling, tube making, bending, forging, repoussé, raising, seaming, die forming, electroforming and more, and how to solder and fuse silver and gold.

You will be instructed on how to cast metals using wax models and investment, sand molds, cuttlefish molds and tufa molds, a variety of casting techniques including vacuum, centrifugal, steam, and sling casting, about the properties of gem stones and the methods and techniques of setting them including how to fabricate bezels, prong settings, crown settings, gypsy settings, pavé settings, channel settings and others, how to fabricate clasps, pin findings, hinges, threaded closures, jump rings, and various styles of chains including basic chains, woven chains, Etruscan chains and the Idiot's Delight.

You will learn how to use the tools of the trade including measuring tools such as gauges, dividers, micrometers and scales, files and abrasive papers, mallets and hammers, flex shaft tools, anvils, vises, bench pins, clamps and helping hands, jeweler's saws, pliers, engravers, mandrels, bench blocks, torches and numerous other tools, and how to harden and temper steel. Construct your own jeweler's bench choosing from two sets of plans, a basic bench constructed from plywood, dimensional lumber and masonite, or a hardwood bench of maple or a similar hardwood appealing to those with more advanced woodworking skills.

A reference section additionally provides safety precautions, alloy chart, circle divider, history of metalsmithing, photographing jewelry, conversion formulas, temperature conversions, size and weight comparisons, silver-copper phase diagram, stone and sawblade sizes, weight of sheet and wire for precious metals and alloys, geometry formulas, periodicals and organizations, suggested reading, suppliers and an index.

The Complete Metalsmith delivers a great deal of information and how-to at a modest price. This book is an outstanding primer and highly recommended reference for any hobbyist or jewelry maker interested in learning about the tools and techniques employed in the fine smithing and crafting of metal.

Book121 - Practical Joining - $18.95
Practical Joining Practical Joining
A Bench Reference for Jewelers
by Tim McCreight
Hard cover, 6.25" x 9.25", 102 pages, copyright 2006
Sample How-to
Sample How-to
Sample How-to
Sample How-to
Sample How-to

From accomplished author Tim McCreight comes another helpful tool for working craftsmen. Practical Joining combines his three decades of teaching with up to date research on the wide range of joining techniques available to artists working on metal on a small scale.

Traditional techniques like rivets and brazing (silver soldering) are described here, as are modern adhesives and laser welding. In every case, straightforward explanations and clear illustrations will help beginners and advanced workers in the practice of their craft.

Practical Joining is organized into three major sections. Cold Connections covers Tabs, Staples, Bezels, Threaded Connections, Rivets and Other Cold Connections. Hot Connections covers Soft Soldering, Brazing, Brazing Torches, Brazing Surfaces, Brazing Equipment, Soldering Investment, Miscellaneous Supplies, Clean up After Soldering, Welding, Welding Equipment, and Modern Welding. Adhesives covers Natural Glues, Casein Glue, Polymers, Polyvinyl Acetate, Hot Melt Glues, Epoxies, Cyanoacrylates (Super Glues) and Ultraviolet Curing Adhesives. Appendices include Equivalent Numbers (Gauges, Millimeters, Inches and Drill #), Temperature Conversions, Suppliers and an Index.

Book177 - Practical Casting - $18.95
Practical Casting Practical Casting
A Studio Reference
by Tim McCreight
Hard cover, 6.5" x 9.25", 153 pages, copyright 1994
Table of Contents
Sample How-to
Sample How-to
Sample How-to
Sample How-to
Sample How-to
Sample How-to

Practical Casting explains many aspects of small scale casting with clarity and comprehension. Readers will appreciate the hundreds of helpful drawings and short-cuts that make work more efficient.

Written and illustrated by Tim McCreight, teacher, designer, and the author of over a dozen books on metalsmithing, Practical Casting has become a standard in the field, with thousands of well-worn copies in use in jewelry making studios and casting workshops throughout the world.

Chapters include Modelmaking, Sprue Systems, Investing, Burnout and Melting, Throwing the Casting, Direct Methods, Sand Casting, Flexible Molds, Foundry Casting, and Special Cases. An extensive glossary of casting related terms is included, and a reference section details general safety, relative melting points, alloys, and suppliers.

Book166 - Handbook of Lost Wax or Investment Casting - $5.50
Handbook of Lost Wax or Investment Casting Handbook of Lost Wax or Investment Casting
by James Sopcak
Soft cover, 5.5" x 8.5", 64 pages, copyright 1986
Sample Page

Handbook Of Lost Wax Or Investment Casting reproduces the complete series of how-to articles on investment casting authored by James E. Sopcak which originally appeared in Gems and Minerals magazine, now out of publication. In this book you will find not only step-by-step instructions for making wax patterns, producing investment molds and casting but what may be more important to many, chapters on how to make the equipment you will need.

Chapters include: (Preface) An Introduction to Lost Wax or Investment Casting, (1) How to Make a Vacuum Investment Mixer, (2) How to Make a Burnout Oven, (3) How to Make a Pressure Casting Machine, (4) How to Make a Simple Wax Wire Extruder, (5) How to Make Rubber Molds, (6) How to Make a Wax Injector, (7) How to Make Wax Patterns, (8) How to Invest Was Patterns, (9) How to Burnout and Cast, and (10) Rubber Molds and Duplicate Patterns.

Handbook Of Lost Wax Or Investment Casting is a classic on casting how-to which has withstood the test of time. It presents a great deal of information for a modest cost and belongs in the personal library of any jewelry maker with an interest in lost wax casting tools and techniques.

Book120 - Metal Embossing Workshop -
Metal Embossing Workshop Metal Embossing Workshop
by Magdalena S. Muldoon
Soft cover, 8.5" x 10", 128 pages, copyright 2006
Sample page
Sample page

Metal Embossing Workshop is a complete at-home metal embossing course including 30 fabulous projects. How can you add old-world charm to decorative accessories and enliven your paper crafts? With metal embossing, a traditional craft that has many wornderful applications.

You'll quickly be able to create vines, monograms, flowers, a Celtic knot, and many other detailed designs with luster, texture, and depth. Whether it's a Scroll Covered Box or an Ornamented Accordion Card, you'll enjoy the many effects you can create using this technique.

Book119 - Metals Technic -
Metals Technic Metals Technic
A Collection of Techniques for Metalsmiths
Edited by Tim McCreight
Soft cover, 8.25" x 10.75", 151 pages, copyright 1992

This unique collection gathers the wisdom and experience of a dozen masters of fine metalsmithing, each writing about a technique of special expertise.

From ancient skills like granulation and depletion gilding to the contemporary processes of fold forming and anticlastic raising, Metals Technic is filled with useful information that will bring 12 different techniques to life.

Contributing authors include John Cogswell on Sterling Granulation, Phillip Fike on Niello, Michael Good on Anticlastic Raising, Susan Kingsley on Nonconforming Dies, David LaPlantz on Cold Connections, Charles Lewton-Brain on An Introduction to Fold Forming, Tim McCreight on Toolmaking for Jewelers, Komelia Hongja Okim on Kum Boo: 24K Overlay on Silver, Kris Patzlaff on Depletion Gilding oon Tumbaga Alloys, Claire Sanford on Patination, Mary Ann Scherr on The Instant Etch Process, and Heikki Seppa on Reticulation.

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