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Meteorite Books

Book187 - Meteorite Hunting - $25.00
Meteorite Hunting Meteorite Hunting
How to Find Treasure from Space - The Comprehensive Guide to Recovering, Identifying and Understanding Meteorites
by Geoffrey Notkin
Soft cover, 6" x 9", 84 pages, copyright 2012

Meteorite Hunting is the definitive guide to finding meteorites, written by one of the best-known personalities in the field, and host of the award-winning hit television series Meteorite Men. Meteorite Hunting includes information on how to locate, excavate, and identify rocks from space, and is filled with photographs and inside information from an internationally recognized meteorite specialist.

Chapters include: 1 What are meteorites and where do they come from, 2 How to identify meteorites in the laboratory and in the field, 3 How much are meteorites worth?, 4 Meteorwrongs, hot rocks, and how they can help you become a better hunter, 5 Meteorite falls verses meteorite finds, 6 Understanding strewnfields, 7 Meteorite craters and impact pits, 8 The importance of research, 9 Ownership, landowners and permission to hunt, 10 Hunting Strategies: Historic meteorites and known strewn fields, 11 Hunting Strategies: Fireball chasing, 12 Hunting Strategies: Cold finds, hot desert hunting, and dry lake beds, 13 Tools of the Trade, 14 Excavating meteorites and documenting finds, 15 After the find: Naming and classification, 16 In the field: Fun and safety.

This best-selling book is highly recommended to anyone interested in finding and field collecting meteorites.

Book135 - Rocks from Space - $35.00
Rocks from Space Rocks from Space
Meteorites and Meteorite Hunters
by O. Richard Norton
Soft cover, 6" x 9", 447 pages, copyright 1998

This popular non-technical introduction to meteorites, asteroids, comets, and impact craters is now even better! With more than 50 new photographs and illustrations, updated and revised text, and fun cosmic humor, Rocks from Space probes the latest astronomical discoveries.

Watch Sojourner bump its way across Mars. Sneak another look at Comet Hale-Bopp streaking through the dark sky. View photos of the impact scar - twice the size of Earth - where Comet Shoemaker/Levy collided with Jupiter. And learn the latest meteorite chemistry and classification.

Chapters include Shooting Stars, Meteorite Showers, and Fireballs, Rocks from Space? Impossible!, Effects of a Falling Meteorite, Tracking Fallen Meteorites, Meteorite Showers, Two Great Siberian Meteorite Falls, America's Great Meteorite Crater, Earth is a Cratered World, How to Recognize a Meteorite, Chondrites - The Common Stony Meteorites, Achondrites - The Crust of Planets, Iron Meteorites - The Cores of Planets, Stony-Iron Meteorites - the Mantles of Planets, The Great Meteorites - Their Discovery and Recovery, Harvey Harlow Nininger, Meteorite Hunter, Robert A. Haag, the "Meteorite Man", Hunting for Meteorites, Asteroids - "Parents" of the Meteorites, Searching for Meteorites' Lost "Parents" and When Worlds Collide. Highly Recommended.

Book184 - Meteorites - $19.95
Meteorites Meteorites
by Caroline Smith, Sara Russel, Gretchen Benedix
Soft cover, 7.5" x 10", 112 pages, copyright 2009

Meteorites are rocks from space that have fallen to the Earth's surface. Once considered bad omens, they are now recognized as giving us a unique insight into the nature of the material that was present at the formation of the solar system. In Meteorites, leading experts from the Natural History Museum provide a compelling introduction to these mysterious objects.

Drawing on the latest information from key meteorite falls, this book explains what meteorites are, where they come from, and what they can tell us about our solar system and the planets, moons, asteroids and comets it contains, including Earth. Meteorites is written in an easy-to-follow, jargon-free style, making it accessible and understandable to all, and it is illustrated throughout with a mix of photographs, diagrams and maps.

Chapters include: What Are Meteorites?, Where Are Meteorites Found?, Impacts and Collisions, Sources and Types of Meteorites, and Comets. An appendix provides further information and reading including references to other books and online resources.

Book185 - Meteorites - $29.99
Meteorites Meteorites
by Bruce Stinchcomb
Soft cover, 8.5" x 11", 159 pages, copyright 2011

Over 500 color photographs lavishly illustrate the engaging text of Meteorites, providing insight into those interesting collectibles from "out of this world". Meteorites link back to the early stages of the Milky Way galaxy and are the oldest items one can touch, some dating back to before the formation of our solar system.

Meteorites are also among the most primitive forms of matter you can closely observe and handle. Some of these ambassadors from the void were created in stars that no longer exist. Others provide the curious researcher with original material from the earliest days of our own solar system.

To those who know how to read them, these rocks tell tales of nebulas, novas, supernovas, red giants, and impacting celestial bodies. In Meteorites, readers can explore metallic, stony-iron, and stony meteorites, meteorite falls, Northwest Africa meteorites, and rare meteorites.

Contents include: Chapter 1: A First Order Look at the Only Collectible from "Other Worlds", Chapter 2: Metallic Meteorites, Chapter 3: Stony-Iron Meteorites, Chapter 4: Stony Meteorites - Finds, Chapter 5: Falls, Chapter 6: Northwest Africa (NWA) Meteorites, Chapter 7: Rare (and not so rare) Terrestrial Minerals and Meteorites, Chapter 8: Meteoritical Odds and Ends. Appendices include references for further reading and a glossary.

Book186 - Meteorites - $19.95
Meteorites Meteorites
by Alain Carion
Soft cover, 6.25" x 9.5", 72 pages, copyright 2009

Meteorites are by definition extraterrestrial objects that have landed on Earth. About 100,000 tons of those objects fall to Earth every year, but 90% of them weigh less than one gram. In Meteorites you will learn about these objects and their significance as memory of the formation and earliest history of our solar system, and explore why meteor impacts are the most important geological phenomenon in our solar system. Explained are the correlation of meteorite impacts with five major extinction events on Earth - the dinosaurs are not the only ones to have disappeared after the fall of an enormous meteorite.

You will learn how the water on Earth was brought here by meteorites, and how the building blocks of life were most likely brought here by carbonaceous meteorites. In Meteorites you will learn to recognize meteorites and how to tell them apart from terrestrial rocks. You will learn where they come from, how old they are, and where to go hunt for them.

You will be introduced to some of the most famous and well-known meteorites. Only 20 years ago, few people thought it was possible to own rocks from space, and fewer believed that you would be able to touch, or even own, a piece of the Moon or Mars.

Contents include: A Few Definitions, Historical Background, Meteorite Characteristics, Hunting for Meteorites, Origin: Accretion and Impacts, Extraterrestrial Origin of Meteorites, Classification, Which Meteorites Come from Which Asteroids?, The Exploration of Space, Meteor-Wrongs, The Age of Meteorites, Impacts: Effects and Consequences, A Few Meteorites to Dream About, News-Worthy Meteorites, The End of Dinosaurs, and References and Further Reading.

Book136 - Falling Stars - $15.95
Falling Stars Falling Stars
A Guide to Meteors and Meteorites
by Mike D. Reynolds
Soft cover, 5.5" x 8.25", 148 pages, copyright 2001

Falling Stars presents a straightforward and practical guide to all aspects of meteors and meteorites including meteor and meteorite origins, meteor watching, meteor showers, meteorite falls and finds, meteorite craters, meteorite classification, tektites, collecting and preserving meteorites, meteorite verification laboratories, meteorite organizations, meteorite museums, meteorite dealers and more.

Written by an authority who has authored many scientific papers in the fields of astronomy and planetary science, Falling Stars provides a comprehensible introduction and primer for understanding, observing, collecting and appreciating meteors and meteorites.

Chapters include: 1 Falling Stars!, 2 Meteor Watching, 3 Meteor Showers, 4 Meteorites, 5 Meteorite Classification, 6 Collecting Meteorites, 7 Meteorite Craters, 8 Tektites. Appendices include Bibliography, Organizations, Meteorites and Museums, Meteorite Dealers, Meteorite Verification Laboratories, and Sample Meteorites.

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