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Jewelry Making Books

Book201 - Gemstone Settings - $29.95
Gemstone Settings Gemstone Settings
The Jewelry Maker's Guide to Styles & Techniques
by Anastasia Young
Hard cover, 8.5" x 10.25", 208 pages, copyright 2012

Set the mood - one exquisite stone at a time. Gem lovers, rejoice! The most in-depth technical guide to stone setting is here. With Gemstone Settings you will fall in love with an encyclopedic technique overview featuring extensive stone-setting processes, detailed information about stones and metals, and gorgeous photos and illustrations for visual support.

Learn how to set your most beloved, precious, semiprecious, and organic stones with projects that range from elegant diamond masterpieces to pearl or coral everyday favorites.

In addition, you'll explore:
•The suitability of specific stones and metals
•What makes a design wearable and durable
•Pre-made verses handmade settings

Capture riches in your settings with this essential reference guide. Contents include:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Design: History of Gem-set Jewelry, Contemporary Gem-set Jewelry, Gem Cutting, Design Inspiration, Starting with the Stone, Design Considerations, Using Bought Settings, Commissions, Outsourcing

Chapter 2: Gemstone Directory: Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Spinel, Aquamarine, Topaz, Chrysoberyl, Zircon, Tourmaline, Peridot, Moonstone, Labradorite, Sunstone, Amazonite, Opal, Chalcedony, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Agate, Hematite, Iolite, Kunzite, Quartz, Tanzanite, Diopside, Fluorite, Malachite, Obsidian, Coral, Shell, Pearl, Amber, Man-made stones

Chapter 3: Techniques Directory: Getting Started, Useful Tips and Troubleshooting, Hand Tools, Stone-setting Tools, Tool Shapes, Basic Fabrication Techniques, Advanced Fabrication Techniques, Wax Carving and Casting, Computer-aided Design and Manufacture; Rub-over Settings: Basic Bezel Setting, Tube Setting, Dome Setting, Tapered Bezel Setting, Bezels with Corners, Flush Setting, Channel Setting; Prong Settings: Crown Setting, Basket Setting, Closed-back Prong Setting, CAM Prong Setting, Applied Prong Setting; Grain Settings: Grain Setting, Five-grain Setting, Square-grain Setting, Pavé Setting, Micro-pavé Setting; Fancy Settings: Combination Setting, Multiple and Cluster Setting, Tension Setting, Caged Setting, Wobbly Stones, Swiveling Setting, Built-up Setting, Protective Setting, Setting from Behind, Upside-down Setting, Capping, Precious Metal Clay, Casting, Soldering Stones into Place, Setting Odd-shaped Stones, Settings for Interchangeable Stones, Spectacle Setting, Wrapping, Settings as Functional Devices, Mixed Materials and Other Metals; Pearls and Gem Beads: Working with Pearls, Stringing Pearls and Gemstone Beads, Wired Beads

Chapter 4: Reference: Conversions, Stone Shapes, Templates for Settings, Glossary, Suppliers and Services, Further Reading, Galleries, Fairs and Organizations

Book219 - The New Encyclopedia of Jewelry-Making Techniques - $19.95
The New Encyclopedia of Jewelry-Making Techniques The New Encyclopedia of Jewelry-Making Techniques
A Comprehensive Visual Guide to Traditional and Contemporary Techniques
by Jinks McGrath
Soft cover, 8.75" x 8.75", 160 pages, copyright 2010

This fully revised and updated edition of a classic reference covers techniques from annealing to stone-setting, and includes new techniques reflecting advances in jewelry-making.

• Learn to craft exquisite brooches, tie pins, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more
• Use materials from classic to contemporary including gold, silver, acrylics, precious stones and metal clay
• Clear photographs help you to achieve professional results
• Inspirational finished pieces from expert jewelers accompany each technique

Contents include: Chapter 1: Introduction: About the new edition; Basic tools and materials, All about metal, Recovering and reusing metal, Design; Chapter 2: Cutting Metal: Piercing, Filing, Drilling, Inlaying, Making blanks, Lathe work, Engraving; Chapter 3: Heating Metal: Annealing, Pickling and quenching, Soldering, Fusing; Chapter 4: Moving Metal: Bending, Hammering, Doming and swagging, Forging, Chasing and repoussé; Chapter 5: Surface Decoration: Texturing, Polishing, Reticulation, Stamping and embossing; Chapter 6: Working with Wire: Using wire, Chain making, Catches and joints, Fittings and findings, Riveting; Chapter 7: Specialist Techniques: Enameling, Etching and photoetching, Stone setting; Chapter 8: Using Other Materials: Wood, Acrylic, Metal clay; Alterations; Suppliers and services; Glossary; Index

Jinks McGrath is a jeweler and teacher whose designs have been exhibited and collected for many years. She is the author of several books on jewelry-making.

Book250 - Indian Jewelry Making - $24.95
Indian Jewelry Making Indian Jewelry Making
by Oscar T. Branson
Spiral bound, 7.0" x 9.5", 120 pages, copyright 2000
Sample Page
Sample Page

This best-selling favorite combines former editions Volumes I and II (now out of print) into a full-color presentation of traditional silversmithing techniques in the Navajo, Hopi and Zuni styles. The lavish project and how-to pictures in Indian Jewelry Making illustrate step-by-step details for smithing hundreds of variations on buttons, chains, beads, rings, bracelets, conchas, earrings, hatbands, watchbands, necklaces, boxes, hair ornaments, bola ties, collar corners, pins, pendants, bow guards, canteens, headstalls, tweezers, miniature silver pottery, thimbles, whistles, lighter cases, bells, pistol grips, buckles, kachina figures, goblets and more!

Tool use and smithing techniques including sawing, drawing, rolling, forming, filing, stamping, dapping, soldering, pickling, casting, overlay, polishing and more are all presented in easy to understand pictures illustrating these fundamental processes and techniques. Stone mounting procedures covered include step-by-step for fabricating bezel mounts, petit point and various styles of inlay work. Silver chain and bead making techniques are included. Several traditional silver casting techniques are illustrated including cuttlebone casting, sand casting, and tufa stone casting, with many pieces cast using these methods shown. Even plans for a do-it-yourself jewelers workbench are included along with many helpful tips and ideas for setting up your own shop or workspace for doing jewelry making.

Even old hands at smithing with appreciate Indian Jewelry Making for the wealth of general design ideas provided as well as some of the more unusual and unique projects and artifacts presented. This book belongs in the personal library of any jewelry maker and is highly recommended for anyone interested in how traditional Southwest Indian jewelry is made or in learning more about silversmithing techniques in general.

Book126 - 500 Brooches - $24.95
500 Brooches 500 Brooches
Inspiring Adornments for the Body
by Marjorie Simon
Soft cover, 8" x 8", 360 pages, copyright 2005
Sample page
Sample page
Sample page
Sample page
Sample page

500 Brooches showcases an outstanding collection of 500 contemporary brooches featuring the inventive design and technical virtuosity of artists from around the world. It features both traditional and avant-garde approaches to the art of jewelry making. Some pieces are formed from precious metals and gemstones while others are fabricated from found objects. Some are simple and practical while others are elaborate and eccentric. This diverse and beautifully presented collection will inspire jewelers, collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

Brooches have adorned the clothing of men and women since they were first used to pin together cloaks and togas. Over time they evolved from merely functional objects to items of incredible beauty and distinction. The 500 brooches in this collection are the culmination of thousands of years of jewelry making. Some of the pieces reflect back to historical times, others push the boundaries of convention. All represent current trends in jewelry design as realized by many of the finest artists from around the world.

No matter what form they take or which materials they use, the brooches illustrated in 500 Brooches will appeal to anyone with an interest in jewelry or contemporary art.

Book123 - The Art & Craft of Making Jewelry - $27.95
The Art & Craft of Making Jewelry The Art & Craft of Making Jewelry
A Complete Guide to Essential Techniques
by Joanna Gollberg
Soft cover, 8.5" x 10.25", 176 pages, copyright 2010
Sample How-to
Sample How-to
Sample How-to
Sample How-to
Sample Gallery
Sample Gallery
Sample Gallery

When you're ready to learn extensive jewelry-making techniques and high-quality craftsmanship, The Art & Craft Of Making Jewelry provides a comprehensive resource that is exactly what you need. A wealth of information, detailed illustrations, and many handy "bench tips" on materials and methods will enable you to make individualized, one-of-a-kind pieces. In addition, the hundreds of color photographs of imaginative contemporary works are inspiring.

A variety of essential skills are covered in depth. Find out how to use dozens of tools. Learn the best way to solder precious metals, the proper posture for sawing and forging, and how to carve, chase and pierce different materials. Try more advanced techniques, such as enameling, granulation, stone setting, die forming, and simple casting.

Thirteen graceful and stylish projects allow you to put into practice what you're learning. The projects include Reversible Pendant, Chased Barrette, Pyramid Earrings, Bubble Brooch, Roller Printed Ring, Reticulated Earrings, Appliquéd Orb Bracelet, Filigree Pendant, Arched Earrings with Solder Inlay, Marriage of Metal Bracelet, Orange Sapphire Ring, Cuttle-fish-Cast Tie Tack, and Silver Brooch with Spiral Pin Stem. Create the designs as shown or use them as a springboard for your own. Use basic metalworking techniques to make the Chased Barrette, a nickel silver hair accessory that is both attractive and functional. Chic, modern Pyramid Earrings of sterling silver introduce you to hollow form construction and soldering clean seams. Progress to a sophisticated tie tack, made by cuttlefish casting 18-karat gold and setting a stone on the textured surface, or the Orange Sapphire Ring, where three faceted, flush-set sapphires come together to form a simple yet exquisitely beautiful design.

The contents are organized into 9 major chapters. Metals & Their Properties covers Precious Metals, Base Metals, Ferrous Metals, Purchasing Metals and Work Hardening and Annealing. Tools & Equipment covers Support Surfaces, Cutting Tools, Hammers, Forming Tools, The Flexible Shaft & Its Attachments, Small Hand Tools, Soldering Tools & Materials, Tool Kits, Safety Equipment, Making Chasing Tools, and Variations: Decorative Chasing Tools. Metalworking Basics covers Cold Techniques, Cold Connections, Hot Techniques and Finishing.

Forming Metal covers Bending & Shaping, Forging, Dapping, Die Forming, Scoring & Bending, Repoussé, and Cuttlefish Casting. Texturing Metal covers Roller Printing, Reticulation, and Etching. Layering Metals covers Appliqué, Granulation, Filigree, and Kum Boo. Mixing Metals covers Marriage of Metal, Mokume Gane and Solder Inlay. Adding Color covers Torch-Fired Enameling, Resin Inlay, Flush Stone Setting, and Bezel Stone Setting. Mechanisms covers Findings, Chains, Clasps & Closures, Hinges, and Stringing.

Appendices cover Metal Clay, Templates, Contributing Artists, Acknowledgements, About the Author and Index. The Art & Craft Of Making Jewelry provides a comprehensive, significant guide that will educate, challenge, and delight any reader with a passion for creating their own wearable art.

Book134 - The Art of Enameling - $17.95
The Art of Enameling The Art of Enameling
Techniques, Projects, Inspiration
by Linda Darty
Soft cover, 8.5" x 10", 176 pages, copyright 2004
Sample page
Sample page
Sample page
Sample project
Sample project
Sample project

Enameling, the art of fusing glass onto metal to creat colorful and imaginative designs, is one of the oldest methods used to decorate metals. Linda Darty, a leader in the field of contemporary enameling, shares her passion for the craft with you. She shows you the range of techniques that are possible and provides projects on which to apply them in interesting ways.

You will begin with instructions in the fundamentals that you'll use throught the book. Learn about each type of enamel and its characteristics; how to set up a studio; and what tools and equipment you'll need. Detailed information on preparing, applying, firing, finishing, and setting enamels will complete the basic course.

Next you'll apply those fundamentals to various techniques, such as cloisonné, champlevé, and plique-á-jour. You'll also learn more experimental skills like firing enamel onto mesh or wire forms; using liquid enamel; and creating innovative surface textures using iron filings, sand, and more.

The Art of Enameling is organized into three major sections. The first section, Enameling Fundamentals, presents: Enamel & Enameling, Enameling Materials, Setting Up an Enameling Studio, Base Metals for Enameling, Cleaning & Preparing Metal, Preparing Enamel, Applying Enamel, Firing Enamel, Cleaning Metal & Enameled Surfaces Between Firings, Removing & Grinding Enamel, Making Color Tests, Working With Enamel Colors, Finishing Enamels, and Setting Enamels.

The second section, Enameling Techniques, presents: Sifting Techniques, Basse Taille, Fine Silver Foil & Fine Gold Foil, Painting Techniques, Liquid Enamel Techniques, Cloisonné, Champlevé, Plique-á-Jour and Additional Techniques.

Twelve fully illustrated, step-by-step projects are presented in the third section, including: Stencil & Sgraffito Sifted Earrings, Sugar-Fired Necklace, Layered Ring, Etched & Enameld Brooch, Painted Buttons, Liquid Enamel Pendant, Fold-Formed Bowl, Cloisonné Brooch, Champlevé Spoon, Champlevé Brooch, Plique-á-Jour Earrings, and Enamel & Encaustic Assemblage.

Experiment with inventive alternatives, such as underfiring, overfiring, or simple raku firing to achieve unique effects. Each of the 12 distinctive projects was created by a skilled artesian. The dramatic "Plique-á-jour Earrings" mimic the look of colorful stained glass; the elegant set of "Painted Buttons" have a delicate leaf pattern in watercolor and enamels; and the "Champlevé Spoon" features a blue and green abstract pattern in the handle.

Now that you've tried different ways of working with enamel, why not take that information and see what else you can do with it? Make your own designs and push the material way beyond its traditional boundaries while developing your own style. If you are interested in a comprehensive primer and how-to reference on the Art of Enameling, this is the book for you.

Book133 - Basic Jewelry Making Techniques - $24.99
Basic Jewelry Making Techniques Basic Jewelry Making Techniques
by Jinks McGrath
Soft cover, 8.5" x 11", 112 pages, copyright 1993
Sample page
Sample page

Many people regard making jewelry as being too complex and time consuming. Basic Jewelry Making Techniques shows how, once the basic techniques are mastered, even the most apparently complicated pieces can be easily made at home.

Author Jinks McGrath covers every aspect you need to know to get started: the essential tools to buy, larger equipment that can be bought as you skills develop, and some suggestions for workshop designs, including what to do if you have a minimal amount of space available.

In addition to presenting a comprehensive primer on smithing and metal work, the author encourages you to be inventive by using such diverse materials as wood, acrylics, papier mâchaé, and glass. Among the basic jewelry making skills explained and illustrated are soldering, using wire, texturing, setting stones, enameling, casting, engraving, forging, working with gold and more. All the techniques needed to produce highly original pieces are explained with the aid of precise notes and instructive illustrations. Practice your newly acquired skills on project pieces that have been specially created and which incorporate all the general principles of technique and design. Each project is flexible enough to be modified to suit your own interpretation of the design.

The book is organized into four major sections: (1) Planning Your Workshop, (2) Designing Your Own Projects, (3) Basic Techniques, and (4) Advanced Techniques. All the technical information you need is at your fingertips in a variety of tables which give useful conversion formulas and temperatures. Basic Jewelry Making Techniques has everything you need to know whether you just want to dabble or make it your full time career.

Book85 - Creative Stonesetting - $35.00
Creative Stone Setting Creative Stonesetting
by John Cogswell
Hard cover, 8.25" x 10.75", 208 pages, copyright 2008
Sample Page

Humankind has been adorning itself with gems for thousands of years, and for all that time, inventive jewelers have been devising elegant ways to attach stones to gold and silver objects. Too often, instruction stops at the familiar solutions of traditional bezels and prongs. In this landmark book, John Cogswell explores the exciting terrain at the edges of convention.

Creative Stonesetting suggests dozens of new ways to think about attaching stones. In a detailed text and through more than 600 drawings, the author describes concepts, tools, and techniques that will appeal to jewelers of every skill level and aesthetic.

Special attention is given to tool modification and scores of bench-tested shortcuts that will have an instant benefit on the day-to-day work of a practicing goldsmith. In addition, dozens of inspirational works by professional artists will trigger new approaches to familiar problems. Reader beware: after reading this book, you will never look at a setting or a gem in the same way.

Book214 - Opal & Gemstone Jewelry - $29.95
Opal & Gemstone Jewelry Opal & Gemstone Jewelry
Cutting - Designing - Setting
by Paul B. Downing
Soft cover, 6" x 9", 309 pages, copyright 2009

Cabochon cutting and setting made easy! Whether opal, agate, chrysoprase or tiger-eye, Opal & Gemstone Jewelry provides step-by-step instructions - taking you from rough to finished jewelry.

Follow Paul step-by-step as he cuts and sets each gemstone:
• Cut your first gemstone
• Properly dome a cabochon
• Deal with imperfections
• Advance to cutting opals
• Make doublets and triplets
• Design and assemble intarsia
• Create lost wax jewelry designs
• Set the stones you have cut

Author Paul Downing is best known as an opal cutter and author of Opal Cutting Made Easy and Opal Advanced Cutting and Setting . However, over his 40 years plus in the lapidary field he has cut many other gemstones. Praised for his simple, easy to understand approach to teaching, he now applies these techniques to all gemstones.

Don't worry... opal has not been neglected. Two sections are dedicated to Paul's favorite stone! Loaded with insider tips and techniques used by Paul in his cutting and designs. You won't be disappointed!

Section One: Cutting a Cabochon contents include: 1: Introduction - The Basics of Cabochon Cutting; 2: Equipment; 3: Cabbing Your First Gem; 4: Cutting Freeform Cabs; 5: Several Cab Cutting Projects
Section Two: Cutting Opal contents include: 6: Cutting Your First Opal; 7: Orienting the Color; 8: To Dome or Not to Dome; 9 Sawing Opal; 10: Cutting Standard Sized Opals; 11: Cutting Doublets and Triplets; 12: Rough Opal Sources; 13: Hot to Buy Rough Opal; 14: The Care and Feeding of Opal
Section Three: Advanced Opal Cutting Techniques contents include: 15: Loving a Gem's Unique Character; 16: Cutting Black Opal; 17; Cutting Boulder Opal; 18: Cutting Mexican Opal; 19: Finding the Beauty in Challenging Opals; 20: Finding Imperfections; 21 Advanced Opal Cutting Hints; 22: Treating Cracks and Stabilizing Matrix
Section Four: Advanced Gemstone Cutting Techniques contents include: 23: Intarsia; 24: Using Chips
Section Five: Setting Your Gems contents include: 25: The Basics of Proper Setting; 26: Lost Wax Design; 27: Preparing a Basic Setting; 28: Setting Other Cabochons; 29: Dribble Design Technique; 30: Design to Complement Your Gemstone; 31: Design Projects; 32: More Design Projects; 33: Design Tricks; 34: Sources of Design Ideas; 35: Setting Your Gemstone in Your Design; 36: The Best is Yet to Come

Appendices provide a Source Directory, Opal & Traditional Birthstones Chart and Index.

Book125 - How to Repair Jewelry - $5.00
How to Repair Jewelry How to Repair Jewelry
by Mike Phelps
Soft cover, 8.5" x 11", 30 pages, copyright 1987
Sample Page
Sample Page

In just about every home there is at least one favorite piece of jewelry that can't be worn because it has a broken part. The catch for a pin may be snapped off, or a link in a chain has separated.

Instead of being banished to a bureau drawer, these jewelry pieces can often be restored and enjoyed again. If you are already enjoying the craft of jewelry making, you are in a position to learn repair work. There are some special techniques (soldering, for instance) involved in repairing, which are covered in detail in this book.

By following these techniques, you will be able to restore broken chains, replace missing parts, and perform many other repair jobs. Once again, you, your family and friends can enjoy those jewelry items that have special meaning. And if you want some extra income, jewelry repair can be quite lucrative.

Contents of How To Repair Jewelry include: 1 Getting Started: Materials, Notes on Supplies, Accessories and Their Uses, Anti-Oxidizer, Flux, Pickling Solution, Oxidizing Compounds, Cleaning Solution, Rouges and Buffs, Testing Precious Metals, Tools Required for Jewelry Repair, Tools, Accessories and Supplies, Special Tools, How to Form Beads, and Adding a Gemstone to a Flat Mounting; 2 Ring Sizing; 3 Chains and Jump Rings; 4 Pins and Brooches; 5 Stone Settings; 6 Indian Jewelry; 7 Bracelets Indian and Other; and Remodeling Jewelry.

Book220 - Inspiritu Jewelry - $24.99
Inspiritu Jewelry Inspiritu Jewelry
Earrings, Bracelets and Necklaces for the Mind, Body and Spirit
by Marie French
Soft cover, 8.5" x 11", 128 pages, copyright 2011

Discover the power of creating unique pieces of adornment with the intention to heal. Inside Inspiritu Jewelry you will turn pages borrowed from a dusty "prescriptions book" revealing restorative secrets of a legendary Curandera - a woman healer - and will become inspired to create your own unique jewelry pieces to share with others. From creating your own clasps and jump rings to incorporating keepsakes with new elements there is much to discover here.

• Master a variety of metalworking jewelry techniques such as forging, stamping, sawing, wirework and more.
• Learn the qualities instilled in specific colors and gemstones to truly target the needs of those you create jewelry for.
• See how easy it is to turn new objects into ones that appear aged and where to go to find vintage treasures to use in your works.
• Combine vintage elements with new materials to create striking pieces with both form and function.
• Pamper yourself or others using the plentiful suggestions for restorative teas and other healing treatments.

Whether you enjoy making earrings, bracelets or necklaces, start creating beautiful jewelry for the betterment of your mind, body and soul.

Book130 - Jewelry: Fundamentals of Metalsmithing - $29.99
Jewelry: Fundamentals of Metalsmithing Jewelry: Fundamentals of Metalsmithing
by Tim McCreight
Hard cover, 8.75" x 10.25", 143 pages, copyright 1997
Sample page
Sample page

Jewelry - Fundamentals of Metalsmithing offers the beginning and intermediate metalsmith clear and insightful instruction from a master teacher. It is lavishly illustrated, both with demonstration photos taken from the author's studio and with photographs of completed jewelry from a wealth of talented artists.

Author Tim McCreight presents a clear and generous overview of metalworking techniques. An artist, teacher, and author of six previous books about working metals, McCreight offers the metalsmith a perfect blend of insight, experience and enthusiasm.

In logical progression, Jewelry - Fundamentals of Metalsmithing examines the basic techniques of this ancient and accessible craft: fabricating, surface treatments, joining, finishing, stone setting, chain making, mechanisms and casting. It is illustrated throughout with clear demonstration photos, Tim McCreight's beautifully rendered drawings, and examples of exceptional contemporary jewelry.

This relaxed yet thorough introduction to the skills of metalworking is a fully revised, expanded and updated edition of the author's popular guide for novice metalworkers. As both a fresh presentation of fundamental techniques and a portfolio of the finest contemporary design, this book is an instant classic in its own right.

Chapters include: (1) Cutting & Bending, (2) Pattern, Texture & Contour, (3) Fusing and Soldering, (4) Cold Joining, (5) Finishing and Patinas, (6) Stone Setting, (7) Mechanisms & Chains, and (8) Casting. Twenty pages of appendices additionally include: What Do You Need to Know About Metal?, Health & Safety, Pouring an Ingot, Tool Making: Hardening & Tempering Steel, Tool List, Temperature Comparisons, Alloys, Weight Comparisons for Sheet & Wire, Relative Sizes & Weights, Glossary, Suppliers and Suggested Reading.

Anyone familiar with Tim McCreight's other works on smithing, casting and jewelry making will find Jewelry - Fundamentals of Metalsmithing a most welcome addition to their personal library.

Book131 - Jewelry Craft Made Easy - $5.95
Jewelry Craft Made Easy Jewelry Craft Made Easy
by Bernada French
Soft cover, 5.5" x 8.5", 65 pages, copyright 1986
Sample page

Making one's own jewelry can be a fascinating, rewarding hobby. There are jewelry makers and designers who start from scratch, forming and soldering various materials into exquisite pieces into which they set colorful gemstones. Some make molds and cast their jewelry. But what about the person who does not want to purchase a lot of equipment and get into the more technical aspects of the hobby? If you are in the latter group do not despair! For you there is a craft which is fun, easy, clean and low cost - jewelry assembly.

Jewelry Craft Made Easy shows you how to make beautiful, personalized gifts using a few inexpensive hand tools, adhesives, some of the great variety of jewelry parts and findings available to craftspeople, and some gemstomes.

This book is organized into sixteen parts including: 1 Introduction, 2 Gemstones, 3 Gemstones, 4 Gem Materials, 5 Mountings and Findings, 6 Findings, 7 Let's Make Some Jewelry, 8 Baroque Jewelry, 9 Baroque Jewelry, 10 Baroque Jewelry, 11 Rhinestone Jewelry, 12 Mounting Gemstones, 13 Mounting Gemstones, 14 Mounting Gemstones, 15 Mounting Gemstones, and 16 Mounting Gemstones. Also included is a list of supplementary source and jewelry making books.

Book132 - Jewelry Techniques - $24.95
Jewelry Techniques Jewelry Techniques
The Essential Guide to Choosing and Using Materials, Stones and Settings
by Anastasia Young
Hard cover, 6.5" x 8", 256 pages, copyright 2008

An essential reference for jewelry makers. Jewelry Techniques is the comprehensive, one-volume guide to exploring all the creative possibilities for jewelry. In addition to information on metalsmithing for both base and precious metals, this book includes techniques used with natural materials like wood, bone, shell and leather; traditional jewelry mediums such as porcelain and glass; and more cutting-edge mediums like acrylics, resin, rubber, concrete, and paper.

Step-by-step instructions, plus more than 400 full-color photographs and swatches, let jewelry makers at every level achieve stunning effects and maximize the impact of their creations.

Book124 - Jewelry Making Techniques Book - $24.99
Jewelry Making Techniques Book Jewelry Making Techniques Book
Over 50 Techniques for Creating Eyecatching Contemporary and Traditional Designs
by Elizabeth Oliver
Soft cover, 7.5" x 10.25", 128 pages, copyright 2005
Sample page

Learn to create fabulous jewelry! Eyecatching designs, whether traditional or contemporary, provide jewelry with real beauty and lasting value. Elizabeth Oliver shows you how to create such works of art, beginning with simple projects that focus on the basics of jewelry making. Large color photos and fully illustrated step-by-step instructions make every step a snap. You'll learn how to choose the tools, equipment and materials that are right for you, how to weigh, measure and cut various metals and stones, and how to assemble, decorate and put a professional finish on every completed piece.

You'll then advance through Jewelry Making Techniques Book to more challenging techniques and complex designs, mastering over 50 jewelry making techniques in all from piercing and drilling to stone-setting and enameling. This book includes all the guidelines and advice you'll need to enjoy jewelry making for years to come.

Topics include: Introduction, Basic Hand Tools, Forming and Soldering Equipment, Furnishing a Basic Studio, General Studio Accessories, Specialist Equipment, Materials and Measurements and Weights. Jewelry making techniques presented include: Piercing, Fretwork, Filing, Drilling, Annealing and Pickling, Doming, Swagging and Drawing Wire, Roll Milling Sheet and Wire, Forming Jump Rings, Forming Ear Hooks and Hoops, Forming a Ring Shank, Forming Bangles, Forging and Raising, Fold Forming, Chasing and Repoussé, Pressing, Blanking, Soldering, Soldering a Hollow Form, Bezel Stone Setting, Claw Stone Setting, Grain and Pavé Setting, Carving Wax for Lost Wax Casting, Cleaning Up Castings, Making a Master for Casting, Sprues and Molds, Sanding and Cleaning Up, Polishing, Metal Leaf, Patination: Oxidizing and Verdigris, Granulation, Reticulation, Mill Pressing, Texturing and Stamping, Etching, Engraving, Riveting, Stringing and Knotting, Wire Knitting and more. An index, glossary and list of suppliers are included.

Book129 - Magical Metal Clay Jewelry - $24.99
Magical Metal Clay Jewelry Magical Metal Clay Jewelry
Amazingly Simple No-Kiln Techniques for Making Beautiful Jewelry
by Sue Heaser
Soft cover, 8,75" x 8,75", 128 pages, copyright 2008

The revolution in jewelry making is here. With just a few basic skills and very little equipment, you can quickly and easily create beautiful, intricate pieces of pure silver jewelry using metal clay-the new material that has taken the craft world by storm.

Metal clay is worked just like modeling clay, and can be molded, folded, shaped, cut, woven, or carved to produce an endless range of forms and effects. There is no need for soldering or sawing, and you don't even need a kiln-the new low-fire type of metal clay can be fired on a gas stove or with a blowtorch, burning away its binder to leave a solid piece of silver that can be hallmarked.

Set with stones or decorate with enamel effects; oxidize to produce multicolor shades; create wonderful textures using impressions; or engrave to personalize your jewelry. Clear step-by-step photographs demonstrate all the techniques you will need, and you'll find more than 20 original pieces of fine silver jewelry to create.

Book222 - Simple Soldering - $29.95
Simple Soldering Simple Soldering
A Beginner's Guide to Jewelry Making
Includes companion instructional Simple Soldering DVD
by Kate Ferrant Richborg
Soft cover, 8.5" x 9.0", 159 pages, copyright 2012

Learn to love your tourch and make twenty beautiful projects!

In Simple Soldering, expert instructor Kate Ferrant Richborg will show any home crafter how to create polished and professional soldered jewelry. With a few simple tooks, a guide to proper technique, and an exciting and approachable bonus DVD, you'll be creating sophisticated jewelry in no time.

Kate walks you through beginner skills in bite-sized steps. First, Kate helps you build presidency by teaching essential soldering techniques in a low-risk environment making skill building "sampler squares". Once you've got the basics, dive into twenty show-stopping projects created just for you. In both the book and DVD, Kate shows you how to correct or adapt common mistakes beginners might make and gives advice on when it's best to start over, making this the essential no-stress guide.

Throughout this book and accompanying DVD that's packed with almost three hours of instruction, Kate's encouraging attitude will guide you. So get fired up - soldering is now simple!

Contents include: 1 The Basics: How Soldering Works, Fire Scale & Flux, Types of Solder, Flow Points and Grades, Steps for Soldering; 2: Setting Up a Work Space: Getting Organized, Improvise Your Space, Lighting & Magnification, Safety; 3: The Tools: Solder Setup. Bench and Hammering Tools, Cutting Tools, Pliers, Marking and Measuring Tools, Filing and Polishing Tools, Advanced Tools; 4:The Materials; Metals, Forms, Gauges & Uses of Metals, Stones, Beads; 5: Creating Your Sampler: Sampler Square 1: Connecting Metal Using Jump Rings, Sampler Square 2: Texturing, Sampler Square 3: Piercing and Sawing Lines in Metal; Sampler Square 4: Riveting, Sampler Square 5: Work Hardening, Annealing & Cleaning Fire Scale, Sampler Square 6: Flowing Paste Solder, Sampler Square 7: Flowing Wire Solder, Sampler Square 8: Flowing Sheet Solder, Sampler Square 9 One-Step Soldering, Sampler Square 10: Sawing & Soldering a Cut Shape, Sampler Square 11: Two-Step Soldering, Sampler Square 12: Embellishing: Spiral, Dots & Granules, Sampler Square 13: Forming Balls, Sampler Square 14: Shaping and Soldering Domes, Sampler Square 15: Making a Bezel & Setting a Stone, Sampler Square 16: Making Two Small Bezels & Setting Stones; The Projects: Hook + Eye Clasp & Dapped Bead Caps, Stacked Rings, Simple Chain Earrings, Soldered Beads, Pearl Chain Earrings, Pearl Dangle Pendant, Pearl + Silver 5-Stack Rings, Pearl Dangle Earrings, Soldered Key Pendant, Tube-Riveted Pendants, Twinning Vine Ring, Copper Tube Bead, Ruby Tag Pendant, Midcentury Modern Ring, Monogram Chain Bracelet, Wrapped Toggle Clasp, Flower Ring, Dangly Toggle, Mirror Pendant, Pearl Tablet Clasp. Appendices include: Acknowledgements, Templates, Techniques, Resources and Index.

Book128 - Step-by-Step Jewelry Workshop - $24.95
Step-by-Step Jewelry Workshop Step-by-Step Jewelry Workshop
Simple Techniques for Soldering, Wirework, and Metal Jewelry
by Nicola Hurst
Soft cover, 8.5" x 11", 128 pages, copyright 2008
Sample project

Step-by-step Jewelry Workshop has everything you need to know to start making beautiful jewelry. This practical and easy-to-use book teaches you how to start making wonderful necklaces, bracelets, brooches, rings, earrings, and more, even if you have never so much as picked up a pair of pliers before.

Large, clear photographs guide you every step of the way, from setting up your workspace and transferring designs to basic filing, sawing, and soldering skills. Techniques are interspersed with practical projects so that you can create beautiful jewelry items as you learn, from simple silver rings to elegant stone-set pendants. Includes tips and advice on finding inspiration and designing your own unique pieces.

This primer is organized into 3 main chapters. Chapter 1: Getting Started covers Tools and materials; Making a space to work in; Inspiration and design; and Planning a design.

Chapter 2: Techniques and Projects covers the techniques of Piercing; Drilling; Filing; Soldering; Finishing and polishing; Annealing; Using wire; Twisting wire; Forging; Bending; Texturing; Doming; Riveting; Making findings; Rub-over setting; and Using beads.

Fully illustrated, step-by-step projects illustrating the use of these techniques include Simple pendant; Simple chain necklace; Simple silver ring; Forged ring; Fretwork brooch; Textured earrings; Textured bangle; Domed bracelet; Riveted cufflinks; Pendant with rub-over setting; Strung necklace; and Multistrand necklace.

Chapter 3: Resources includes Idea file: shapes; Directory of gems; Useful information; Glossary; and Further reading.

Visually oriented learners will particularly appreciate Step-by-step Jewelry Workshop's extensive step-by-step photos and illustrations.

Book122 - Working with Precious Metal Clay - $29.95
Working with Precious Metal Clay Working with Precious Metal Clay
50 Projects - 25 Tips - 10 Tools to Make
by Tim McCreight
Hard cover, 9" x 11", 127 pages, copyright 2000
Sample project
Sample project
Sample project
Sample technique
Sample technique
Sample do-it-yourself tool

Part One of Working With Precious Metal Clay uses 50 projects to introduce the techniques and strategies of this amazing new material. In each case the sequential instructions and informative illustrations will lead you through the process from beginning to end. Along the way you'll learn how to cut, model, texture and assemble all sorts of objects, from simple earrings to complicated vessels. While you are welcome to copy these designs exactly, you might want to combine techniques from several projects to invent your own way of working. One of the great things about Precious Metal Clay is its incredible versatility.

Pendant projects include: Leaf with Pearl, Bouquet, Rubber Stamp Overlay, Medallion with Stone, Ceramic Shard in a Bezel, Shadow Box, and Cookie Cutter. Earring projects include: Textured Drop, Pie Wedge, Small Button, Stylized Bird, Lace Hoop, Christmas Tree, Carved Panel, and Split Hoop. Rings Projects include: Overlay, Found Texture, Ring with Gold Ornaments, Twice-Fired Ring, Ring with a Single Stone, Carved Geometric Ring, and Band Ring with Gemstones. Bead projects include: Leaf, Tube, Disk, Spiral Wrap, Raku Donut Bead, Bead with Polymer Clay, and Sphere with Ornaments. Other jewelry projects include: Thumbprint Tie Tac; Cuff Links from Buttons, Charms, Animal Cracker Barrette, Oval Barrette, Polymer Clay Bracelet, Hinged Bracelet, Enameled Quilt Pin, and Petroglyph Pin. Accessories and objects projects include: Cord Ends, Keychain or Money Clip, Simple Buttons, Theme Buttons, Small Spoon, Sugar Scoop, Beverage Stick, Thimble, Picture Frame, Tea Strainer, Box with Lid, and Miniature Teapot.

In addition to the projects, you will find 25 technical tips and techniques described in Part Two. These include: Designing for PMC, Working Surfaces, Rehydrating PMC, Using Slip, Extruding, Carving PMC, Making Holes, Smoothing Edges, Ring Sizing, Rigid Molds, Flexible Molds, Shrinkage, Setting Heatproof Gems, Setting Heat-Sensitive Gems, Firing Tips, Firing Supports, Matte Surfaces, Filing and Sawing, Blackening Silver, Polishing by Hand, Machine Polishing, Using Epoxy, Hanging Beads as Drops, Using Cords, and Assorted Bails. You'll want to visit this section periodically as your skills advance.

In Part Three you'll find customizable tools you can make for yourself including: Textured Rolling Pins, Rubber Stamps, Drill Bit Handles, Pierced Matrix, Polishing Sticks, Cookie Cutters, Wooden Tweezers, Extruder, and Tumbler. Appendices cover: Health and Safety, Melting Points, Relative Sizes, Resources, and Suppliers.

There are three kinds of cooks. One type follows a recipe exactly and one type never opens a cookbook. In between are the people who use a cookbook for guidance, staying close to the recipe when they are uncertain and adding their own flourishes as they gain experience and confidence. If that sounds like you, you'll appreciate this book.

Book251 - How to Create with Horseshoe Nails - $5.50
How to Create with Horseshoe Nails How to Create with Horseshoe Nails
by Warren J. Link
Soft cover, 8.5" x 11", 23 pages, copyright 1977

Very popular for decorator art are creations fashioned with horseshoe nails. Look in just about any boutique shop or gift catalog and you'll see these interesting little conversation pieces. And, you'll find that many of them command a fair price.

Yet, for a small investment in tools and supplies, you can fashion horseshoe nail jewelry, picture frames, napkin holders, display stands and charming sculptures. Following the author's simple instructions and step-by-step illustrations will enable just about anyone to get into this fascinating craft. Your creations will be treasured gifts or easily-sold product for a profitable part-time business.

Most important, horseshoe nail craft is a pastime that will give you many hours of relaxation and fun. Much of it can be done while watching television or sitting on the porch. It's a nostalgic link with days gone by when little boys used to beg nails from the local blacksmith to make rings that were worn with pride.

With horseshoe nail craft, you can be very old fashioned or very mod. Once you try it, we think you'll be hooked.

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