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Geology and Earth Science Books

Book209 - Volcanoes of Northern Arizona - $11.95
Volcanoes of Northern Arizona Volcanoes of Northern Arizona
Sleeping Giants of the Grand Canyon Region
by Wendell Duffield
Soft cover, 8.25" x 7.5", 68 pages, copyright 2005

Just south of the Grand Canyon lies a range of volcanic mountains which includes the highest point in Arizona. For the first time, Volcanoes of Northern Arizona provides a popular look at the fiery origin of these volcanic features.

With magnificent aerial photographs, original geologic illustrations, and detailed road logs to many of the key features, this book is an indispensable tool for the traveler, the educator, and all who are interested in the remarkable landscape of northern Arizona.

Contents include: 1. The Big Picture: Plate Tectonics, A Primer on Volcanoes; 2. Volcanic Features of Northern Arizona: Cinder Cones, Lava Dams in the Grand Canyon, Shield Volcanoes, Lava Tubes, Stratovolcanoes, Lava Domes; 3. The Story of Sunset Crater: The Next Eruption; 4. Road Logs: Grand Canyon to Williams, Williams to Flagstaff, Flagstaff to Valle, Flagstaff to Wupatki, Wupatki/Sunset Crater, SP Crater, Grand Falls, Toroweap Overlook; Glossary; Index.

Book191 - Geology Trails of Northern California - $14.95
Geology Trails of Northern California Geology Trails of Northern California
Over 100 Walks and Hikes with a Geologic Point of View
by Robin Johnson and Dot Lofstrom
Soft cover, 6" x 9", 264 pages, copyright 2005

Tectonic action of monumental proportions made California one of the most varied geological settings on the Earth's surface. Whether or not geology is your passion, Geology Trails of Northern California will open your eyes to the natural world around you.

If you thrill at caves, want to climb a volcano, are awed by the power of time to sculpt stone into natural works of art and are keen to investigate geysers, bubbling mud pots, lava flows, old mines and more, you will find many great trails throughout Northern and Central California in this guide, ranging from family walks on nature trails and guided cave tours to more strenuous mountain trekking.

For the "geologically challenged." the authors' vivid description of the flora, fauna, and natural and human history of each trail greatly enhances the outdoors experience. Over 100 hikes are rated for difficulty and include directions and suggestions for other fun activities.

Chapters include: 1 Klamath Mountains and North Coast, 2 The Cascades, 3 Modoc Plateau, 4 The Coast Ranges, 5 The Great Valley, and 6 The Sierra Nevadas. Appendices include a Thematic Index of fault activity, volcanism, caves, fossils, geothermal activity, glaciation, mining, erosional features, rock collecting and sand dunes; Geologic Time Scale; Glossary of Geologic Terms; Resource List; and Selected Bibliography.

Book188 - The Field Guide to Geology - $16.95
The Field Guide to Geology The Field Guide to Geology
by David Lambert
Soft cover, 7.5" x 9", 304 pages, copyright 2007

The Field Guide to Geology recounts the fascinating story of the Earth in a vivid, engaging fashion. Written by a team of eminent geologists and educators, the book is a concise, comprehensive overview of the processes that forged the planet and the technologies that have revolutionized the way that scientists investigate Earth's systems.

The goal of the book is to articulate how matter, stars and the solar system evolved; how the Earth acquired its shape and surface; the structure of the Earth's crust; the major forms of igneous rock and the processes by which all rocks are created; the relationship between soil and rock erosion and the flow of rivers; and the effect of ice and wind on the Earth's surface.

Updated and expanded, this new edition concludes with two new chapters - one that explains how technology enables planet scientists to measure the behavior of the Earth's complex systems in real time and the other on notable scientists whose research and discoveries have advance the field of geology. An extensive list of significant geological museums and collections, online resources, and associations is included. Featuring more than 750 two-color maps, charts and other illustrations - more than 200 new to this edition - The Field Guide to Geology is a fine primer in geological science for readers who wish to understand the course of the Earth's evolution.

Chapters include: 1 Sizing Up Earth, 2 The Restless Crust, 3 Fiery Rocks, 4 Rocks From Scraps, 5 Deformed and Altered Rocks, 6 Crumbling Rocks, 7 How Rivers Shape The Land, 8 The Work Of The Sea, 9 The Work Of Ice and Air, 10 Change Through The Ages, 11 The Last 543 Million Years, 12 Rocks And Man, 13 Monitoring Earth, 14 Who and Where?

Book189 - The Practical Geologist - $16.99
The Practical Geologist The Practical Geologist
The Introductory Guide to the Basics of Geology and to Collecting and Identifying Rocks
by Dougal Dixon
Soft cover, 7.5" x 9.75", 160 pages, copyright 1992

From exploring the basic principles of geology to starting a rock and mineral collection, The Practical Geologist is the perfect introduction to the world of Earth science.

Beginning with a history of the Earth's formation and development, this book explores the substances that compose the planet, movements within the Earth, the surface effects of weather and water, and underground landscapes.

It shows you how to search for, identify, and extract samples of various rocks and minerals. For each rock and mineral type there is a brief mineralogy and explanation of its locations. There are also sections on mapping, preparing, and curating specimens, and geological sites on the six continents.

Packed with more than 200 full-color illustrations, this comprehensive guide is the essential practical companion for natural science enthusiasts everywhere.

Chapters include: What Is A Practical Geologist?, The History Of The Earth, The Substance Of The Earth, Earth Movements, The Earth's Storybook, Erosion and Geo-Morphology, Field Work Technique, Mapping, and Geological Sites. Appendices include Geological Time Scale, Glossary and Index.

Book210 - Geology Underfoot in Illinois - $20.00
Geology Underfoot in Illinois Geology Underfoot in Illinois
by Raymond Wiggers
Soft cover, 6" x 9", 304 pages, copyright 1997

Illinois - a flat and boring state with nothing but cornfields and crowded expressways, right? Balderdash!

Geology Underfoot in Illinois scratches the Prairie State's surface to expose geologic diversity that stretches back more than a billion years.

Copious illustrations and witty, page-turning prose guide readers on geologic walking or driving tours of 37 sites in Illinois. Enjoy an unexpected exploration of Chicago's architectural geology. Embark on a fault-seeking expedition in Mark Twain's big river country. Or try moraine surfing on Interstates 55 and 74. With a touch of curiosity and Geology Underfoot in Illinois in hand, you will view the state with a new sense of wonder.

Book233 - Geology Underfoot in Northern Arizona - $18.00
Geology Underfoot in Northern Arizona Geology Underfoot in Northern Arizona
by Lon Abbott and Teri Cook
Soft cover, 6" x 9", 321 pages, copyright 2007

The timeless landscape of Northern Arizona has witnessed colliding volcanic island arcs, the rise and fall of tropical seas and towering mountain ranges, a sand sea filled with gigantic dunes, and the devastation of meteor impact. At twenty unique sites, with this book in hand, explore evidence of the geologic events that shaped this region.

In Geology Underfoot in Northern Arizona, authors Lon Abbot and Terri Cook write knowledgeably and clearly about the geologic paradise that is Northern Arizona. Geologic sites include: Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Tonto Bridge State Park, Petrified Forest National Park, Glenn Canyon Dam, Antelope Canyon, Pearce Ferry, Monument Valley, Meteor Crater, Toroweap Overlook, Little Colorado River Gorge, Grand Falls, Navajo National Monument, San Francisco Volcanic Field, Grand Canyon, Sedona, Moenave Dinosaur Tracks, Montezuma Castle National Monument, and Jerome.

Geology Underfoot is a hands-on series about getting out of your car and out among the rocks and landforms. No matter how much or how little geology you know, the books in this series will inform and entertain you.

Book243 - Geology Underfoot in Southern California - $14.00
Geology Underfoot in Southern California Geology Underfoot in Southern California
by Robert Sharp and Allen Glazner
Soft cover, 6" x 9", 224 pages, copyright 1993

Reading the rocks like pages in a book, Geology Underfoot in Southern California offers an inside view of the southland's active and sometimes enigmatic landscape. Twenty vignettes each weave a geologic story of a particular scene, relationship, or feature. Some spotlight well known landmarks: Morro Rock and Red Rock Canyon. Others view matters of practical concern: San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant and Santa Barbara Harbor. Some sketches provide a glimpse of the Earth's awesome forces: Blackhawk slide and the eruption of the Bishop tuff. Together, these snapshots introduce readers to southern California's rich, dynamic and even flamboyant geology.

Organized by vignettes, contents include: San Onofre Nuclear Reactors and the Cristianitos Fault; A Migrating Shoreline: The Story Behind the Bluffs at Torrey Pines State Reserve; A Vanished Landmass: San Onofre Breccia at Aliso Beach; A Growing Fold: Ventura Anticline; Perils of Tampering with Nature: The Harbor at Santa Barbara; An Ice Age Sand Lobe: Nipomo Dunes; Roots of Ancient Volcanoes: Morro Rock and Other Knobs; Sampling the Mysterious Franciscan Formation: San Simeon Beach Pebbles; A Boon to Communication: The Whittier Narrows; Wheeler Ridge: Its Gift to the Edmund G. Brown (California) Aquaduct; The San Andreas Fault and Cajon Creek Cooperate: Cajon Pass; The Red Rock Canyon: A Geologic Library; A Great Natural Geological Laboratory: Rainbow Basin; Young Volcanoes in the Mojave Desert: Walking About at Amboy and Pisgah Craters; Flamingos in the Desert: Pluvial Lake Manix; Eighty Seconds of Catastrophe: The Blackhawk Slide; A Huge Pile of Living Sand: Kelso Dunes; A California Rarity: Mitchell Caverns; Volcanic Devastation: The Bishop Tuff; An Intimate Contact with Volcanic Phenomena: Hot Creek.

Book242 - Geology Underfoot in Southern Utah - $20.00
Geology Underfoot in Southern Utah Geology Underfoot in Southern Utah
by Richard Orndorff, Robert Wieder and David Futey
Soft cover, 6" x 9", 286 pages, copyright 2006

Southern Utah's magnificent, enigmatic landforms are famous worldwide. But what carved the goblins in Goblin Valley, the domes at Capitol Reef, Zion's towering sandstone walls, and Bryce's hoodoo fairyland - not to mention all those arches and natural bridges? Geology Underfoot in Southern Utah explores the stories behind 33 sites, some well known, others off the beaten path. With this book in hand, marvel at the tales of ancient eruptions, deserts, seas and swamps, the movements of massive rock units over eons; and the rock's interactions with life above it, including humankind.

Along the way, visit dinosaur trackways, old mines, rock glaciers, oysters in the desert - and more. Geologic sites include: Snow Canyon State Park, St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site / Johnson Farm, Parowan Gap, Frisco / Horn Silver Mine, Sevier Lake, Quail Creek State Park, Hurricane Fault, Zion National Park, The Springdale Landslide, Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, Fremont Indian State Park, Fish Lake Valley, Red Canyon / Sevier Fault, Bryce Canyon National Park, Escalante State Park / Petrified Forest, Goblin Valley State Park, Temple Mountain, The San Rafael Reef & Swell, Goosenecks State Park, Valley of the Gods, Natural Bridges National Monument, Newspaper Rock, Canyonlands National Park / Upheaval Dome, Arches National Park, Copper Ridge Dinosaur Tracks, The La Sal Mountains.

Book261 - Geology Underfoot in Yellowstone Country - $24.00
Geology Underfoot in Yellowstone Country Geology Underfoot in Yellowstone Country
by Marc S. Hendrix
Soft cover, 6.00" x 9.00", 302 pages, copyright 2011

Although it's also known for wolves, bison and stunning scenery, Yellowstone National Park was established as the world's first national park in 1872 largely because of its geological wonders. In Geology Underfoot in Yellowstone Country, author and geologist Marc S. Hendrix takes you to over twenty sites in the park and surrounding region that illustrate the deep-time story of Yellowstone Country, from its early existence as a sea floor hundreds of millions of years ago to volcanic activity that has long characterized the region. With prose tooled for the lay reader and a multitude of colorful photos and illustrations, Geology Underfoot in Yellowstone Country will help you read the landscape the way a geologist does.

Presented as twenty geological vignettes, ome of the sites included are Beartooth Highway, Bunsen Peak, Chimney Rock, Eagle Nest Rock, Earthquake Lake, Firehole Canyon, Fossil Forests, Gibbon Falls, The Helmet, Hepburn's Mesa, Indian Pond, Mallard Lake Dome, Mammoth Hot Springs, Mary Bay, Mt. Everts, Norris Geyser Basin, Old Faithful, Pebble Creek Campground, Rattlesnake Mountain, Sphinx Mountain, Sylvan Pass, Tom Miner Basin, and Upper Geyser Basin.

Every rockhound visiting Yellowstone Country will increase their understanding and appreciation of its natural wonders many fold with this book in hand.

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